What bugs you the most about aging?

bugs you about aging

Eyesight:  A few of my bugs, today I just started my day and had to read a vitamin bottle.  Could they honestly make that print any smaller?  HELLO, these things are to help with aging,  we are older, we can’t see!  My arms aren’t long enough. Thank goodness I have magnifying mirrors all over the house.  Then I went to a friend’s house, and she was fiddling with a bottle and got angry because she couldn’t read it, she’s 34.  So it’s not just me. I think they do it on purpose, so we can’t read it and know what’s in the stuff. Thank goodness I’ve learned to use my telephone camera to magnify when I’m out.  If you haven’t tried it yet, do it. I really is amazingly well. On that note, no longer do I have to read a menu to my husband that always forgets his reading glasses. Honey, use your phone.

And don’t get me started on makeup. I have my larger than life mirrors, lighted mirrors, broken mirrors (actually my favorite one for eye makeup), and you still have to take forever to get your face put on.  Working around the wrinkles is one thing but seeing them is something else, glasses on, glasses off. I’m now thinking of a different strategy for this, maybe face powder, lipstick and be done with it? No, that’s giving in to age, I want to be fabulous, I want to feel fabulous so I’ll fight with it a bit more. But the lighting is just not working, I don’t care what you use, go somewhere else, and that striking face looks washed out and old.

Nails: After doing some work around the house, I decided to do my nails.  Have you looked at your nails lately, without polish?  Oh man, my nails have ridges and are thin and so dry.  I forgot why I used to have acrylic nails put on.  I thought about calling for an appointment and then decided, no, I like keeping them shorter and well groomed. I can do it myself.  I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to sitting and having my nails done. For a special treat, yes, there is a place I like to go that has a wine bar attached to the spa, so it makes for a nice afternoon treat. Nice! Not sure I remember how to get there, though.  So today, I’ve vowed to start soaking my nails in olive oil.   I’ll see if, over time, it will help. Meanwhile, guess I have to use a ridge filler, one more thing to buy!

Time flys: Where does the time go?  Seems like I just colored my hair a week ago and darker roots are emerging already, checked the calendar, no, it’s been a month. Time flies by way too fast when you’re older. But I decided I wanted to try to grow my hair out to its natural color, so I don’t have to worry.  But I don’t like it. I will wait a few months and then decide which way I’m going. But there it is grayer than I remember. Normally, I don’t think about it because I just color it and I’m done. After more investigation, I’m surprised at how much gray hair there is.  Now I’m hoping it will all be white like my grandmothers so I can have a sharp look.  Don’t think that’s in the cards but one can hope. See, time flies by, I start a thought and finish with another.

Conversations: Now this one bugs me the most. You start talking and before you know it your brain does a flip, and you have no idea what you were going to say next. The thought went right out of your head, and someone has to rehash the last few sentences so you can continue.  Funny, I don’t have to do that with my younger friends.  I take all the vitamins I should, I keep my brain active, play word games, and try to read a lot. I think maybe it’s because I’ve acquired so much knowledge that the brain gives us an error message when we think too fast.  Women are known to do and think more than one thing at a time, so I guess that is where the hiccup comes in.  Even the computer tells you, you have to wait till a program closes or do you want to kill it!

looking fabulous aging bugs

Moving: Someone tell me the theory behind joints feeling great one minute and tight the next?  I just don’t get this aging thing. I can move around all day and walk everywhere but let me get in the car for 5 minutes and I emerge an old lady trying to straighten up and walk.  What is that all about?  Any doctors out there with the answer?  And why does it happen when you are surrounded by young people? And you’re trying to look more youthful?  All goes as planned,  you’re looking good in the car and then you have to step out.  Foot goes down, you get ready to stabilize yourself (because you know how to do that discretely), and then stand up and take an extra step to catch yourself and then have to straighten the legs slowly, then the back.  All this while trying to look younger than indeed, you are.  I look like I’m trying out a new dance move. I must be a very proud person!

My rant for today, just thinking odd things, nothing I haven’t thought about before, but it is lovely to put it down on paper.

What do you dislike about aging?  What bugs you the most?  Any ideas how to fix it? Need feedback from you all.


2 Responses to “What bugs you the most about aging?

  • Brain flips! Oh yeah! I find myself heading toward the pantry for…. for??? I can’t remember, until five minutes later when I realize I need that casserole pot and that’s why I was walking toward the pantry. I was always absent minded, but this is ridiculous.

    • Me too, used to do it in my teens but could recover quicker, now I just walk back to the sofa and give up till it comes to me…lol thanks for passing by.

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