Aging with true style, yes, you can wear it!

Style, how you feel

Do you wake up in the morning and wonder what to wear?  Do you think your style in clothes is too young for you? Well, let me tell you, you can wear whatever you want.  It takes an attitude to pull it off, but that’s easy enough. Do you feel like leopard print, red, lace, tight or short?  It’s all possible. Don’t worry about it, have fun. That’s what clothes and fashion are all about

Simplicity doesn’t have to be boring

simple and stylishnecklace with style

If you are wearing a basic color, beige, black, navy or white, just pop on a statement piece.  That can be either a beautiful colorful necklace or a lovely scarf with lots of colors.  A surprise pop of color always looks fantastic.  Sometimes it just takes a pair of colored shoes, a great belt, a scarf, but always top it off with a smile.

I found this site that sells some great statement pieces and they are reasonably priced. I’ve spent hours going through this website, amazing pieces to add to a quiet outfit.
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If you’re like I am, it’s hard to find a dress that’s long enough these days.  But put a short dress on with opaque tights and you have a great looking outfit and still have on a short dress.  You can do this at almost any age.  That simple black dress to go out with just became youthful and sexy at 75. Need a dress for a wedding? Buy a long one; you can find beautiful dresses with reasonable prices that aren’t all strapless or high slits.  Just cut it down and hem it shorter.  Done, perfect!
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I don’t think there is ever an age limit for denim, jeans, jackets or skirts.  A good fitting pair of jeans can take you from the farm to out to dinner depending on what you put on with them. Boots during the day, heels or sharp looking flats at night. A blouse and a jacket with a scarf or necklace. Throw a denim jean jacket over a summer dress in the evening. Much more youthful than a sweater. Still cold, take a pashmina with you to pull the whole outfit together. Wow, very stylish!  Again, these work for all ages.


I personally look for 3/4 length sleeves in most of my tops, those upper arms just aren’t what they used to be. In the summer, I love midi skirts since my legs have those God awful veins and I don’t think I need to expose them to the world.  Guess that’s why I love leggings and tights. The whole idea is that you can wear whatever you like, just try to do it with a little style.


Do you love sandals?  They are so cool in the summer, and there are such wonderful styles in the market these days. BUT, do you polish your toenails?  That simple thing is a finishing touch to an outfit, call it a polished look, if you will. That nail polish can make any shaped foot or toe look 100 times better, don’t hide your feet if you think they look horrible. Just take care of them, they take us everywhere.

I think you can put a little thought to what you wear and end up looking amazing. And you’ll feel amazing. Also, it will show on your face, and the world will be a better place for you. That and a big smile will get you through the day! Remember, it’s not difficult, just put on a basic and add something wonderful.  Go on, give it try, see what happens.

Do you like to play with fashion? What do you do differently now that you’re older?

8 Responses to “Aging with true style, yes, you can wear it!

  • Great article! These suggestions are simple but classy.

    • That’s just it, doesn’t need to me difficult, just add a little something and you’re good to go…

  • Really enjoyed reading thIs post! Totally agree that a black dress and black leggings make a shorter dress fit for all age groups!

    • Funny how something that easy can make it work…lol

  • I am grateful I discovered your blog as I feel my style slowly slipping into grandma clothes. I am bowlegged which makes high boots and sometimes leggings a challenge. Actually, because I am short, when I wear leggings and a tunic I feel like an elf. But, I often have feelings like this and then later love the style. It’s time for me to have a style makeover and your blog looks like a good place to start.

    • Oh, man, bowed legs? Yup, I have arthritic knees, so they bow. I swear they don’t show in tights and leggings unless the leggings are a light color which I don’t wear. Lol, I’m jealous that you’re short, I have to find the longest tops to wear and it’s not easy. I’m 5’8″ with really big feet. lol

  • How fabulous!! Fashion tips for women who are still women no matter what the calendar says!! Thank you for having the confidence to talk about this topic. I love clothes, always have, always will. I love the mystery of being an older woman.

    • It always amazes me how women seem to hit a certain age and stop. they decide they are old and let the “old” society dictate what they should and shouldn’t wear. Thanks for stopping by and reading the post.