An accident waiting to happen

When someone you love tells you to be careful, BE CAREFUL….I’m a rather stubborn person and I hate to give in to aging but after today, I think I’ll listen better.  It’s because they love us and sometimes they’re much smarter.  When they say don’t do this, I usually respond, “hey, I can take care and I can manage, don’t worry”. Today, I learned a big lesson. An accident was waiting to happen. We have a pergola over our patio and I’ve gotten on it before from my upstairs balcony with no problems…I watch where I’m walking, stay on the larger wood pieces etc.  Just my luck today, I was stepping and my foot slipped and went through the wood slats.  This could have been so much worse, I could have continued breaking more slats and fallen to the ground floor.  At 68, you just don’t heal as fast as you used to.


End result, I was sooooo lucky


Notice hole near bottom…one leg right through it…


My thoughts today after I got over the shock of what could have been and looked at what happened to my thigh, I started to think.  We do have to slow down a bit and let someone younger do things for us.  There’s nothing to be ashamed of, we’re aging.  I’m very careful on the stairs and since I go up and down them fast, I’ve learned to hold onto a railing (just in case) and actually watch where I’m going.  Funny, I was raised as a “young” lady to look up, keep your head high and posture straight, now I think I understand why so many older people start to hump over…lol…the later years of having to watch every step you take so you don’t trip and fall.  I trip on nothing, that’s my thing, always has been so I’m more careful than the average person. But we don’t realize, our feet can slip, our balance is not what it used to be and we break much easier.  So PLEASE, all of you, be careful and when someone tells you not to do something, they are probably right..go sulk, go for a walk but realize they tell you because they love you.


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