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memories and travel

The memories! A walk down memory lane.

We are retiring, today I started packing up my home. The memories were playing in my head while I’m packing and taping the bubble wrap, so many years of saving things like little snippets of our lives.  My husband and I will be moving from our villa we’ve been in for 9 years to our […]

Downsizing and space saving, it CAN be done.

Downsizing Need to downsize, a smaller place they say, you’ll love it they say!  You get rid of stuff and pack what you’re sure you can manage.  Listen up, I will say this only once, It will not happen. There will never be enough space.  No matter how much you get rid of, there is […]

grown up and aging

Am I grown up yet?

50 and grown? No, not grown up yet. Hitting fifty, we realize that we don’t have to worry about losing friends and maybe this person won’t like us or maybe that person won’t. We have our friends, we know who they are. The ones that will stay with us forever, the ones who have our […]


Feeling ignored? Beware, times are changing!

Feeling ignored?  Do you ever talk to your kids or other younger people and they react to you as if they are tolerating what you say?  Do you get the feeling they are kind of dismissing you rather than paying attention to you?  Or the standard remark, “it’s not like that now, things have changed […]

greying hair

Greying or not? Grey be gone!

The greying I wanted I really wonder if this is totally natural greying or not.  If it is, she’s got amazing grey hair! The follow-up for grey or not This is a follow-up to my previous post about greying. What I got At the time, it seemed like a great idea, about time I let nature […]

Take charge of YOU. The joy of it all!

Take Charge and Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease Take charge of your joy. Get out and find awe-inducing experiences.  I love that word “awe” because I’ve used it my whole life.  First time I was on an airplane, it described how I felt when the tube took off.  Got in the air and stayed […]

internet friends

Who said internet friends aren’t real?

Internet friends are real! Internet friends are amazing, this blog has been slow the past few weeks because no matter what I would do, my links were not working. I’ve tried asking people I know and checked out Word Press forums but nothing.  Being older, I remember DOS in computers but have no idea about […]

don't live in the past

Why do we live in the past?

The past is the past Why do we live in the past?  Why don’t we look forward to whatever years we have left? Is it because we know we’re going to die? Why don’t we try new things and learn new things? Can’t think of a better reason to enjoy our lives and keep planning […]

Easter cocktail

Easter is coming, I have lost my mind!

An adult Easter! It’s almost Easter. Today my husband has decided I’m officially INSANE. Do 69 yr olds get excited over things like this? I found these different pages of Easter cocktails and laughed so hard I decided I had to share. Who knew you could do this. This could give us dementia..bad joke! None […]

Intimate apparel, lingerie or granny pants?

Lingerie, intimate apparel, both the same thing. No, I’m not talking about granny pants! When was the last time you bought yourself some new lingerie?  Something other than white? Something pretty yet functional? It seems we forget about ourselves sometimes.  We don’t want to spend money on things no one else sees. But we know […]

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