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Can you be “Cool” at 70?

IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE COOL IN YOUR 70S? Do you think that a person can be cool after 70? Well, I do! It’s all about attitude. Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t be cool.   When Did We Stop Being Cool? In our 50s, everything starts to change. Many of us start to think, […]

What bugs you the most about aging?

Eyesight:  A few of my bugs, today I just started my day and had to read a vitamin bottle.  Could they honestly make that print any smaller?  HELLO, these things are to help with aging,  we are older, we can’t see!  My arms aren’t long enough. Thank goodness I have magnifying mirrors all over the house.  […]

Kindness, learning from our kids

Acts of kindness   What I learned from my daughter in law about kindness has made my life so much fuller.  Over the years, I’ve forgotten how to just say something nice to a stranger.  Have you ever had someone compliment you while you’re out, lovely perfume, your scarf is beautiful or love your glasses?  It […]

Liebster Award nomination for new blogs

60 and healthy has received a nomination for the Liebster Award for new blogs from Gloria Kay of Thank you very much for thinking of me for this. What is a Liebster Award? The Liebster is an online “award” for bloggers by bloggers to help find new blogs and for your blog to be […]

What are your worries about getting older?

First questions we have worries about We always have worries in our life but we have new ones when we get older.  You start to lose your friends, your own children are adults and have children of their own. If you’re lucky, we still have our partner with us. If not, do we date or stay […]

Walking as far as you can, it’s great!

Today I started back to walking, only doing a mile each day for the next few plus back to my yoga exercises slowly. About 3 months ago while out walking, I started having pain in my groin area and each day it got worse.  Took extra turmeric and hoped that would do it..Not a chance. […]

The new aging of 60’s and 70’s…

New aging If you look around, you’ll see some amazing aging women out there, they may not be rich or famous but they are truly amazing.  I think it’s all in the attitude. You either fight it or give into it.  Only two choices. One is the easy way out, I think, the other takes […]

Flossing and brushing your aging teeth!

I’m a big believer in flossing. I’ve done it so long I don’t remember when I started but I go crazy if I don’t. I’m actually obsessed with my teeth and I think it comes from the fact my father owned a dental laboratory for as long as I can remember. As a small girl […]

To grey or not? Am I too young?

To grey or not?  That is my question to myself.  I’ve been downloading pictures and getting ideas.  I’ve checked out what other women are thinking and just can’t make up my mind.  I’ll be 69 very soon and thinking by the time I’m 70 I should not be a “bleach” blonde. I found these and […]


Okay, “they” say the best medicine is laughter….that may be true but when you get older it’s a tough one…lol  I was with a bunch of friends last week and we were having so much fun…a bit of wine involved…and we started laughing so hard.  I have very funny friends!  Anyway..oops, run to the bathroom, […]

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