Batwings-what the hell?

This is me, not too bad but they wave!

I believe in wings, angels have them, planes have them and birds have them.  They go to the most marvelous places with them.  BUT where does it say that a human being has to have them attached and for what reason?

I’m talking about that extra skin (hence called batwings) hanging under my arm between the shoulder and elbow…has absolutely no purpose!  Sometimes it waves at people when I do…not funny…sometimes it makes my  clothing sleeves tight and sometimes my grandchild plays with it. Definitely not something I’m thrilled with and I’ve always loved to go sleeveless.  I’ve said I can always cover up most “old” areas on this body but when you go to a hot climate (remember I live in Egypt) you just don’t want sleeves.

I just watched this video and I’m going to take the 10 challenge.  Here I’m posting my before picture (above)and after 10 days, I’ll post the after. We’ll see if it helps…it might be tricky as I have bad knees but I think if I take baby steps it should be okay.  Unless I fall!

If that happens, I’ll switch to the easier ideas. This video is showing an alternate way that might be easier for us at our age. Check back for my 10 days and see how I do…

Day 1: I tried the side of the bed, had my yoga socks on so didn’t slip and it was hard. For me, I broke my wrist last year and it still hurts with certain movements but I noticed my other wrist is just as bad.  I’m guess I need to work on more than I thought.  I was able to do 2 this morning and worked with water bottles for the rest of the time.

Day 2: I can do 4 before my wrists hurt…will continue.  If nothing else, since I’m doing this, it gets me thinking about what else I should work on.

Day 5: I can now do 10 easily without my wrists hurting so I”m improving, I don’t see any results yet but it feels good doing it.  I also added in the bedtime yoga and that really stretches you out but feels really good before I sleep.  Just letting you all know.

Day 11: Finished my challenge…not sure if there is really a difference with the tricep but the arm has gained some muscle…this is a good thing!  So give it a try, can’t hurt.


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