Cool aging!

Is there cool aging?  Well, if you read this article there is!

iris apfel

This woman is 93 years old and nothing will stop her. More of us should learn from her and never stop living and creating.  Do what makes you happy, share what makes you happy.  Learn new things and encourage your friends to learn knew things.  As we age we think retirement means sit around and doing nothing. But we just get old if we sit around and not use the gifts God gave us. We have so much experience to share.

We can’t all be like this lady but there are things we can do.  I hope you’ll share with me what you are doing to keep active and living a rewarding life.

If nothing else, I think we should be writing about our life and family for the next generation. Write the stories that the young don’t want to hear right now and tell them about their great grandparents and aunts and uncle that they never met.  It will give them a great sense of belonging and they may find some of those traits in themselves.

Wasn’t it Grandma Moses that took up painting when she was in her 70’s?

Just wanted to share some others to give you inspiration….enjoy….

So let’s try to fill the world with cool older people…  Do you agree?


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6 Responses to “Cool aging!

  • Fabulous post..! I just turned 51 and embracing life to the fullest! I started a fashion blog 16 mos ago am loving the journey!!



  • This is freaking amazing. I want to be exactly like these people when I get older. They’re living life to the fullest. Who says you have to stop at a certain age? Thanks for sharing!

  • I love Iris Apfrel…she is amazzzing! Love this post…I am 51 and kickin it for all its worth..not giving in to old!!

    Best to you!

    Chic fashion and travel for the Mid age gal

    • Yeah, it’s kinda fun fighting it. Keep that attitude and you’ll go into your 60’s kicking butt!

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