Downsizing and space saving, it CAN be done.

Downsizing and boxes


Need to downsize, a smaller place they say, you’ll love it they say!  You get rid of stuff and pack what you’re sure you can manage.  Listen up, I will say this only once, It will not happen. There will never be enough space.  No matter how much you get rid of, there is still way to much to go from a house to an apartment.  I don’t care how big it is.

We gather, we buy, we want and we need.  For many years and we think, well, when we retire, we won’t have the money to buy it so best get it now.

I think I could now write a whole book on downsizing, what I’m in the process of doing.  Only way I don’t have a panic attack is stopping and reminding myself, Rome was not built in a day.  Along with that, a nice glass of wine takes the edge off.  I just stopped for the day but there are boxes all over our bedroom and I just got the bedroom neat and tidy.  Well, you have to face those stupid boxes sometime so you get going and then they have a life of their own.  They mock you, believe me they do.  They sit there and you look at the contents written on the side of the box and think, okay, I can handle this one today. WRONG…not going to happen.  Because there is always another box sitting in the other room whispering in your ear, “you’re going to need me with the other box”. All of a sudden you have totally messed up your one room that you can find peace.

A little history

Gotta say this so you can understand where I’m coming from.  We just sold our home in Egypt, it was our dream house.  For the past 9 years, we’ve had a beach place on the Red Sea. It’s set up for fun and parties but all of a sudden it has now become our home.  We have about 5 months before our next investment is ready for us to move in so we can spread it all out.  Trust me, we’re not rich but in Egypt we can manage very well  but!  Medical sucks, no other way to say it and when you are living for 6 months with no hospital near and no place to call for an emergancy, it does get to you.

Okay, it is what it is, but!

So now we are in a beautiful place, here is where I’m writing from

Downsizing my view



The weather is absolutely delightful with a slight breeze and the sounds of the waves are soothing. Cargo boats are passing by from the Suez Canal and this is actually my favorite time of the day.  But, I have a house full of cartons, repairs needing to be done, dinner, I have no idea and I’m totally overwhelmed.  It all looks so idyllic.  Heck, I’ve been through a divorce, gave birth to 2 babies, spend years dealing with people on an airplane and I can’t deal with this?  My big girl panties are slipping.

Back to my first thoughts on this, more of a helpful writing rather than self-pity. I know, I’m a spoiled brat..remember, I live in Egypt. Not the US of A!

Downsizing? Yes, possible

I found these cool bags to store things in, I bought them a couple of years ago and never used them. Big house, no today I pulled them out for all our winter things.  The beds we have are low to the ground and I’m sorry at 69 I can’t handle moving the mattress away and pulling up the wood slats to store things.  Again, I’m married to an Egyptian pilot, who was raised with 4 servants, we had them at our own old home..another story.  So I had help today to get the mattresses lifted and checked under the bed.  Took everything out, mopped and started with filling the storage bags. Wow, let me tell you, take  blankets, winter sweaters and extra stuff you don’t need and put them in these amazing bags and let your vacuum cleaner do the rest. So easy, it’s the most fun I’ve had today.  They slip right under the bed and you have no idea how much they hold,  they just get sucked up and small.

Downsizing with ziplocks

These guys come in all sizes and are amazing.  Here they are at Amazon but try looking at Costco or BJ’s, you might get a better deal.
Space Bag, 2 Jumbo Vacuum Seal Storage Bags, Each, Clear, (35″ X 48″)

Another hint, I use baskets, I’ve collected them for so many years and now are putting them to good use. Use baskets in the bathrooms to hold extra towels, just roll them, they look like a spa and you actually have room for them. The ones that slide under a table I can fill with magazines or electric chords. In our house, we seem to need a room just for the laptops, Ipads and mobiles along with all the charging options. It gets pretty messy. Of course, we have them in the living room with us at all times. Then you have all the remotes, we’ve tried all the new all-in-one remotes and I get so confused, I pull out the old ones. I know how to use those. Hubby says, “Press what you want to command then tell it what you want to do.” Sorry but when I’m in a hurry to record something, I don’t have time to play with the big remote, I can just pick up the one I know and hit record. I’m a believer in keeping up with technology as we age, starting to wonder why! Baskets, pockets on the side of the sofa, it all helps.

There are many ways to help with downsizing, just google away and you’ll be surprised what you’ll find. I’m thinking the answer, honestly is to just throw it. No cleaning, no clutter, no maintenance. I think we deserve that after we retire. I’m at the point now, that if I can’t find it, I don’t need it and I’m walking away from it all and enjoying each day. I’ll give it 30 minutes a day to unpack something and that’s it. I’m down to 1 bedroom and our bathroom that is usable so what more do I need, close the door.

Now, if those boxes don’t start multiplying again, I might just be done in 6 months.


4 Responses to “Downsizing and space saving, it CAN be done.

  • What a chore moving is, no matter your age. The struggle to decide on what to keep or toss or gift or store is huge.

    I’ve often told my husband that if we move, I’m taking three items of furniture that are family heirlooms and everything else is being sold in a house wide yard/tag sale.

    I’ll buy new the things I need at the new house. Probably from a thrift store … lol

    • My husband is a hourder…won’t let go of anything. Seems he doesn’t understand downsizing. lol I wish we could do a yard sale here in Egypt but no one knows what that is. lol

  • Sounds like a big job for anyone. Sometimes it’s ok to let the big girl panties slip a little. You know you will pick things up again when you are ready. Living in Egypt sounds so exotic to me. I will have to see if you have more stories on here about your life.

    • Living in Egypt is another book! lol At least another blog but who has time? Thanks for stopping by.

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