Feeling ignored? Beware, times are changing!

being ignored or dismissed

Feeling ignored?  Do you ever talk to your kids or other younger people and they react to you as if they are tolerating what you say?  Do you get the feeling they are kind of dismissing you rather than paying attention to you?  Or the standard remark, “it’s not like that now, things have changed since you were young, you don’t understand, must be nice to be retired?

Wow, these are such put-down phrases.  What really has changed over the years?  Do people really love different? Do they feel different, do they care different?  Sorry, Junior, (that includes from 10 to 50) don’t think so.  Human beings are human beings and the basic thoughts and feelings are the same. Our brain doesn’t think old, it thinks the same as when we were 20, we think we can do things until our bodies scream “NOT”.  We sure can try.

We don’t understand?  Just what is it we don’t understand?  Just because we’re pushing 70 or more, what makes you think we were never in love?  What makes you think we never got our hearts broken or that someone wasn’t mean to us?  What makes you think you are the only one in the world with problems? Most of which, we’ve had and worked out years ago!

Nice to be retired?  Yes, there are benefits but there is nothing better than doing a job well and feeling proud of yourself.  Whether that’s motherhood or working in the field, you’re needed and appreciated and respected for your opinion and then all of a sudden, no one cares what you do or how you do it, your ignored.  It takes adjusting for us.



Well, young twits, let me tell you something! We are not the same as your grandmother and great grandmother, we are a new generation of older people that went from poodle skirts to no bras in a few short years and we know far more than you think we do. Maybe if you get off your cell phones and actually have a conversation, you might be surprised at the fact that we know about technology, music and fashion of your generation.

And the most important part of all this?  You younger people who look at older people like we are “done” haven’t got a clue about what is coming. Don’t ignore us.  You see, you will get older too, you will get wrinkles, grey hair, gain weight and aches and pains.  It’s all about growing and while these things happen to you, something wonderful also happens…You really do grow, as a human being. You appreciate things more, you pay attention more and you will still listen and learn from young people.  So, if you’re smart, you’ll listen and learn from your elders, also.  We’re fierce, we paved the way for you to become an EMPOWERED senior, not just an old woman or man that sits in a rocking chair with the cat.

viable, not ignored changing not ignored


Beware, times are changing! We are not fading off into the sunset, we have things to say and we can still change this world.

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11 Responses to “Feeling ignored? Beware, times are changing!

  • Thanks for reaching out!
    Ahem, some of us still even look young. I don’t think it has much to do with our age. It’s far more likely that it is more about teenage impatience that someone never outgrew, and the shocking realization that one might be wrong. So irritating! 😉

    • Yeah, good point, we are in such a youth-oriented society, it’s time that it changes.

      • Sadly, it definitely will change. Eventually there will be mostly elderly people with too few young nurses to help us along….

  • I absolutely love this. My grandkids were here yesterday and sometimes I feel like I don’t know anything. There are brief moments of good, like the one time I published my first blog post and my 12 year old grandson told me he was proud of me. I am happy with where I am and what I am doing and that makes all the difference. Great post!

    • By working on a blog you showed him you understand technology. That is great and I can imagine how good you felt. More Seniors need to catch up and open their eyes. Just to be able to see you grandkids when you’re not in the same town is wonderful for the relationship. Thank you for commenting.

  • I love this piece. It goes right to my heart. I was forty when I had my first and only child, a boy. He’s twenty-nine now. When I tell him about my life, two generations of changing technology stands between us. He can’t conceive of a world where pay phones were a vital necessity, or where you had to have maps and make plans ahead. He plunges into things and then some app saves him from being lost or helps him find his friends or a place to eat or shows him how to change a flat.

    However, when we talk about life, there is so much I try to tell him that he simply doesn’t have the experience yet to understand or believe. Being old means I have years of on the job training in how it all works, so my choices and predictions sound ridiculous to my son, until they turn out to be astonishingly correct. I don’t gloat, just make myself a martini and celebrate getting through another day.

    • I know, when I think back to when I was that age, not sure I listened either. I had cool parents so at least I liked being around them. I started listening to them when they got older. Now we sit back, watch them and patiently wait till they ask. No, I actually talk to my boys about aging. lol

      • Cool parents! Well, it shows. You’ve led such an adventurous life! You are a cool parent, too.

        What do you tell your boys about aging? So far for me aging has meant learning that if I do something dumb like stay up very late watching a movie and have the third or fourth martini, I pay for it for days. Be sensible is my new mantra. lol

        • Yup, had a few of those nights but aren’t they fun? There has to be something great about getting older…lol

  • Love this post, Jayne, and it’s exactly the premise of a new podcast I’m launching (would love to interview you for it!). I’m 36, but have managed to figure out that someone else has lived through the struggles I face today. I love hearing how they got through it. Although getting older is bittersweet at times, I always prefer the wiser version of myself that comes with each passing year. I’m not a 20-something, but just know some of the younger folks are listening. 🙂

    (And I was serious about the interview, if you’d like to email me.)

    – Amber

    P.S., I’m a flight attendant, too. 🙂

    • Thanks, do you know you’re web page is not working?

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