Friends age? Are yours much younger?

Young and old friends

Friends as you age

Strange question for the over 60’s. What age group to you have as friends? My husband and I wanted to move to Florida part time and the other part in Egypt. We are fortunate to have the availability to travel due to both of us retired from airlines. Every time I’m in Florida, I see a lot of older people and they are living very normal lives as seniors. This is where the problem lies, we have never lived a normal life.  Living our life where every month is different makes for an odd lifestyle.  We don’t wait for weekends to do things, we don’t have a Saturday night! Even birthdays and anniversaries are celebrated with travel I just go with him on his trip. So far from normal that most people don’t understand.  We spend a lot of time with younger people and drink and dance and goof off like we’re still 30 and it seems these young people (like  30 years younger) still like to be around us.  The more I thought of spending time in Florida, the more I started to think how bored we will be. We’ve already talked about taking the car and just road tripping it for weeks on end. By no means am I bashing 70-year-olds, many of  my friends my age are having a great time, I just don’t want to live where they do. lol  Okay, the northern part of the states is cold and rainy and I need sunshine and clear skies.

Younger friends

Rent or Rent

This is where I started to think that maybe we should just rent furnished for several months at a time rather than buy furniture and pay rent every month even if  we’re not there.  Just seems to me it would be cheaper at least for the next year or so to do it that way. Will give us freedom to rent anywhere and spend more time near our kids.

Living abroad

The place we have in Egypt is by the sea and is a very international community which we love. Europeans have a great sense for aging, they just let it do it’s thing and they enjoy life. They don’t worry about it as much as Americans. We go around in electric carts so the air stays clean and it’s a healthy atmosphere. The community is mostly younger people but what fun we have. We have access to the sea easily, walking in really clean air is wonderful, have good food available and you can be as quiet or as active as you like.  It’s affordable for us, never be able to have it in the US.  Funny, l look at these young people and don’t realize how old I am until I look in the mirror.  I wonder if I’m kidding myself?

funny young and old friends

My parents always had friends much younger than they were. I couldn’t understand why but realized, when you have a crazy personality and willing to do new things, then you have more in common with younger people than most people our own age.  It’s hard to explain to someone 65 or 70 why we do the things we do.  We just haven’t grown up yet.

So I need thoughts?  Have you grown up? Are your friends your age, older or younger?  Or are we just plain crazy?

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