Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga-who knew?

I’ve gone to many yoga classes and had such a hard time…great fun but I spend more time on the floor, no balance, and worrying about my knee. I like this because she takes her time and guides you. Give it a try, I might just master this yet.

Gentle Yoga video

This one is for those days that nothing feels right…you know…too many carbs the night before…knees just not bending properly…just don’t feel like it..Do it from a this idea…

Chair yoga for seniors

Yoga in a chair

Chair Yoga video

Bedtime Poses

I was looking around and found a set of yoga poses to try before tell you the truth, I really like them. I started a few days ago and think I slept better and some muscles hurt so I must be doing something right.  It’s done in bed and I think it’s fantastic. Update, these are really good, i was sore a few days but now it’s stretching all the muscles that have been so tight.  I feel great and hoping to get involved more with my pilates.  Really amazing how you can feel just after a few poses…

Bedtime poses for better sleep video

Bedtime poses pictures

Yoga pose for relaxation before bedtime

one of the bedtime poses

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