Greying or not? Grey be gone!

The greying I wanted


I really wonder if this is totally natural greying or not.  If it is, she’s got amazing grey hair!

The follow-up for grey or not

This is a follow-up to my previous post about greying.

What I got

At the time, it seemed like a great idea, about time I let nature take over and just be me.  I’ve been all over the internet looking at beautiful pictures of women with long hair greying and how amazing they look.  I thought as mine grew out, I would just highlight the blonde ends with the greyish color and it would all blend in eventually. I even went platinum to give it a good boost to grow it out.  Did I feel free not coloring it?  No, I felt lazy. Did it empower me?  No, I felt older and the mirror did not show who I was.  I would stand in front of the mirror and talk to myself.  Nothing was helping.

greying roots grey hair

This is at 3 months, I have darker by the ears and white in the forehead area.  Also, mixed on the top part. I know I need to have patience but it’s making me feel really old and tired and not myself.  Funny how certain things you’ve done for so many years can make a difference.  I know, you might think, man, she needs to get in touch with her inner woman and accept who she is.  I have and I do but that inner woman is blonde with nail polish and makeup.  Has been as long as I can remember and I’m not changing it now.  I enjoy it all, it is who I am.

It’s been 4 months and this is where I’m at, had a bit of a talk with hubby. What were his thoughts? Bless his heart, he didn’t care, whatever I wanted but he did think it looked like a rat color also.  The only remark he made was..”you’re a blonde, why change it?”.

greying hair

I have officially decided this is not working for me.  This is the same color it was when I was 16 and started lemon on my hair.  A mouse, not brown and white, not black and white, mouse and white.. After much thinking whether I should wait it out a bit longer or do something…the something won.

Grey be gone, nice try but Jayne’s back and with a vengeance! I feel like myself and ready to take on the world.  Have you tried letting it go?  Did it work for you?  

Grey be gone


PS. Don’t tell hubby but here are my next thoughts.

not greying but pink and blonde not greying but blue and blonde


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