Am I grown up yet?

grown up

50 and grown?

No, not grown up yet. Hitting fifty, we realize that we don’t have to worry about losing friends and maybe this person won’t like us or maybe that person won’t. We have our friends, we know who they are. The ones that will stay with us forever, the ones who have our back, our “person”.

It’s funny as you get older that you see things so different.  It is a blessing, to do what you want and not worry about if someone is going to talk about you or will we fit in. Ha, they have to fit in with you and don’t trust anyone that talks about other women. They for sure will talk about you.  Don’t care, I just don’t care anymore.  Life is so wonderful that it’s their loss if they don’t want to spend time with me. We are who we are with all our faults and our good traits.  We don’t have to change for anyone else but ourselves.

60’s and grown?

Nope, still not grown up! So it’s time to let go of some of the thoughts we had when we were younger and realize this doesn’t seem to be so bad. Then comes the sixties. It was a fabulous time in the fifties, one of the best of my life but now the sixties are hitting, and I realize we’re getting closer and closer to 70. Still have fun, doing things, just a bit more difficult. We seem to lose friends in a different way, the way that hurts deeply and it makes us see our own mortality. I guess we could fixate on it for the rest of our lives.  We could accept it for what it is and enjoy what we have right now. We could still make a new life. All the things we wanted to do when we were younger, now we have the time.  The time to give back, help others, enjoy new experiences and meet new people.grown up and aging

80 sounds old well, screw that! I refuse to get old or grow up, I would rather laugh. I’d rather be goofy. I’m still the same person I was when I was 19 maybe even 15, haven’t changed. My body’s changed, my brain is still the same but I’m wiser now so now that I’m thinking that I’ll be 70 I certainly don’t think I have to look it. I’m still going to wear what I want to wear, I’m going to wear the colors I want, I’m going to follow the fashion as best I can. I’m going to have fun with it. I’m going to take care of my body better because I wasn’t really smart when I was younger and eat healthier. Take on a new challenge like more exercise, walking more whatever I can do to fight all the aches and pains. Yes, there are some pains, some days that are more than others but as long you know it’s not something serious ..well, then just push past it. Arthritis isn’t going away, we need to work with it and keep it at bay. Take a couple aspirin or Tylenol or whatever you need and go for that walk. Or ride your bike, dance, push it even if you know the next day is going to hurt so much, it’ll be so worth it. Why? Because you’re going to be living not giving in to every ache and pain that you have!

Grown-up? Never!

So come on seventies, let’s see what ya got!  I’m ready for you.  How are you preparing for the seventies?  Are you ready to take the decade head on?


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