How’s it working for you? Under Stress?

Letting things get to you?  How’s it working for you? Under stress?  I’ve been there recently and let it really put me in a tailspin.


Source of my stress. Retirement home.

I spend a whole day in bed, doing nothing but sleeping.  That is my way of blocking out the world or anything that might hurt me. Am I proud of it? No. I always think of myself as a strong person but even we fall once in a while and need help getting up.  I allowed the world and people in it get to me and disturb my inner peace.

After 2 days and lots of eating, I finally wrapped my head around the fact that I can’t change anything but myself and how I deal with things. Sometimes you just have to sit down with yourself and have a good talk. Get you head above the water and pay attention to the smart side of you.  I did that and decided instead of just popping “out of it”, I would take baby steps.

My baby steps were simple..well, they sound simple but in reality, not so much.  One step in front of another, get up, get dressed, get out.


Each day got easier and that is something I have to remember. Funny how time helps. As we age, we don’t have as much time so better get our heads on straight fast.

How many of you have been under stress?  How do you deal with it as you age?

So happy life works the way it does, because no, I’m dealing with the stress and laughing it off again.  I am strong , I am strong, new mantra.


19 Responses to “How’s it working for you? Under Stress?

  • Enjoyed your post..I found it to be thought provoking. Turning 54 soon..never really thought about the stress of aging. I believe because of my faith and the fact that I’m an introvert maybe I’ve dealt with it silently.

    • I’m an extrovert and always appear happy, I usually can laugh about anything but once in a great while…ya just got to throw it up above and let him/her guide you. lol

  • Hi Jayne,

    Learning to deal with stress has always been difficult for me. Depending on the situation, sometimes I’m able to walk away.

    I hope you are able to find your happy place and stay there. 🙂


    • Working on it Bren, we are now moving and then off to the states. Next chapter in our retirement journey…

  • Sometimes I don’t even realise how stressed I’ve been until the spin ends, usually its work related. I need to sleep it off and travel home, everyone needs that sometimes Im sure.

  • I’m really bad at dealing with stress. I often let it get to me. But lately I realized, stressing out and letting it get to me doesn’t do good. It just makes me procrastinate even more.

    Amazing post btw!

  • I think everybody deals with stress differently. I know there are things my friends collapse under – that are just an “everyday thing” for me. Then I’m knocked out by something and my friends are like “what, really?”

    The best thing I’ve found, consider what options I have, choose the best solution and move on. Don’t dwell on the idea of stress. When the overload hits me tho – I do like you, I sleep and avoid everyone for a day or so. I drink lots of tea and talk myself back to positiveness.

    Hugs to you

    • I thought I was being “silly” for giving in but I think my brain needed a rest along with my emotions.Now I’ve started moving into our new place and I’m on the right road again…thank you…

  • Love your new mantra. I am strong is such a powerful mantra to have x

  • Sometimes you just need to take it slowly and one day at a time. Sometimes we just need a break and that’s fine!
    Hope you’re feeling better

  • What a great post for me to read! I feel like I’m always stressed out!

    • Try yoga, just to relax and stay in touch with your body. thanks for passing by.

  • i’ve been under stress lately and it’s hard to recover as you age I think! I try meditation and yoga.

    xo, Margot

  • I’ve found myself just spending days on the sofa sleeping and eating because of no motivation to work due to stress and i’m now working through this by putting little steps into effect such as getting up and going to the gym every day, hoping to sort my routine out stress is no fun :\

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