Kindness, learning from our kids

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What I learned from my daughter in law about kindness has made my life so much fuller.  Over the years, I’ve forgotten how to just say something nice to a stranger.  Have you ever had someone compliment you while you’re out, lovely perfume, your scarf is beautiful or love your glasses?  It just puts a bounce in your step, doesn’t it.  Seems that we get caught up in our daily routine, running here and running there, and never really look at people or interact with them.

I think as generations change, we’ve lost some of our good old fashion values, the value of being kind and giving.

My kids taught me

My daughter in law had just joined our family and within four months we found out she was pregnant.  We were all so thrilled, the first grandchild.  Two months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She got through it all with grace and dignity.  I went with her one day to the breast cancer clinic, and she and my son had made a basket filled with candy canes and a note saying she had cancer also, and they should have hope. She would pray for them.  She walked around the waiting room to strangers and gave them the candy canes.  The smiles on their faces said a lot and the discussions were wonderful.  It may have made them less afraid that day.  I do think it helped my kids just as much.  Just giving of yourself is fulfilling.

Right now I’m living in a society that is very different from my own.  It’s not accepted just to talk to strangers or smile at people on the street.  After spending the day with my daughter in law, I started to realize that I’ve changed, and my kindness level was way down.  I had forgotten just to be myself. I felt sorry about how I let that happen. I start to change! When I’m in the US, I started to make an effort to say something nice to someone, help them with doors, be aware when and if someone could use a bit of kindness.  It’s amazing how it can make you feel.  I love getting a smile from someone.

Times are changing for me

Back in Egypt, I was in a small shopping mall near our home, and it was busy with people.  A lady was trying to take a picture of her young son with a snowman. He wouldn’t stop moving around.  I was just leaving, so I stood behind his mom and waved to him and smiled. He laughed, and she got a great shot.  We didn’t need to speak the same language.

I feel like a new woman, stopped complaining and started thinking of someone else. My soul feels like it’s healing and my life is just getting better.  When we do something kind for someone else, we feel good. On a spiritual level, many people think that this is because it is the right thing to do and so we’re tapping into something deep and profound inside us that says, “This is who I am.”

Did you know that whether you are the giver, the receiver or the observer of an act of kindness,  you reap tremendous benefits to your health? I know I did that day at the clinic.

When we’re kind, we inspire others to be kind, and it creates a ripple effect that spreads outwards to our friends’ friends’ friends — to three degrees of separation. Just as a pebble creates waves when it is dropped in a pond, so acts of kindness ripple outwards, touching others’ lives and inspiring kindness everywhere the wave goes. A direct pay it forward.

acts fo kindness

Things you can do:

  • Smile at strangers especially those who are having a bad day
  • Volunteer your time to do charity work or help wherever there’s need
  • Watch movies that display kindness
  • Write a note to let someone know they are loved
  • Give compliments often to family and strangers
  • Give up your place in line to another person
  • Donate blood
  • Write a thank-you note, especially to someone who’s not expecting thanks

Story ends happily

My daughter in law is cancer free, and we have an adorable grandson. Someone is watching over us.

Phoebe ( from Friends TV show) was right, You can’t do a kind “selfless” act because it does affect you, also! We’re getting older and yet we have so much to give. So go out and infect your world and see what happens!


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  • I try to connect with people daily. I speak, nod and wave at strangers on the street. I compliment people walking thru my workplace on their accessories or attire … it does us both good to share that warm feeling!

    • Doesn’t take much does it..I love how I feel at the end of the day. Good for you Noel.

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