Liebster Award nomination for new blogs


60 and healthy has received a nomination for the Liebster Award for new blogs from Gloria Kay of

Thank you very much for thinking of me for this.

What is a Liebster Award?

The Liebster is an online “award” for bloggers by bloggers to help find new blogs and for your blog to be found. It’s a great way to share some love and recognize hard work in the blogging community.

OK, here are the questions from Gloria. 

What country were your born in?

I was born in the US, Cleveland, Ohio

Are you an animal lover?  If so, what kind?

Oh yes, right now I have 2 german shepherds, Chucky and Suzie. They do not like the cutie pie cat I have, Lexy is a sweetheart.

Is blogging what you thought it would be?

It’s a lot of work but it sure is fun, keeps my mind going trying to decide what to talk about each week. My thoughts wonder.

How many cars have you owned?

Okay, I’m almost 70…it’s a lot of cars….lol  over 10 for sure

What is your favorite dessert?

Anything chocolate with ice cream…

How many hours a week do you devote to your blogging?

About 30-35, still getting it all sorted out.

Would you rather play a sport or watch one, which sport?

Play but alas, the body won’t anymore, so now we watch!

What is a favorite childhood memory?

Going to my mom’s friends when she had to work..she had some amazing friends.

Which Social Media is your favorite and why?

I’m leaning towards Twitter, it’s fast but just started a facebook page for the blog so we’ll see.

What is the most dangerous, daredevil activity you have ever tried?

Riding on a banana boat at 58 yrs old….split my mouth open after a fall and was unconscious in and out all

What is the longest job you have ever held?

24 years as a flight attendant with NWA

My next job is to tell you 11 facts about myself.

I was a nurse for 8 months before I became a flight attendant.

I live in Cairo, Egypt at the moment.

I love to dance and I hear music, I move..

The sea is my favorite place.

I never had a squad of friends.

My favorite sandwich is a homemade BLT.(bacon, lettuce and tomato)

I have 2 favorite movies, Pretty Woman and Beaches.

I have really big feet. Since I was 13 I’ve had problems finding shoes my size.

A meal isn’t a meal without a glass of wine..only makes it better.

My husband and children are the most important things in my life.

I hate snow and cold weather…a fact!


Thank you again Gloria from Jugglingmother  for the fun!



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