Makeup for aging skin-a real woman

make up for older woman


I truly believe there is no such thing as an ugly woman…a bit of makeup and a big smile does wonders for all of us.

I’m not even going to write about this myself because this video is fantastic. And a real older woman….surprise.
As I’ve always said, it’s amazing how a little makeup can transform a woman.  It makes you looked polished, complete and what’s wrong with that.  It won’t kill you to take a few minutes to put on some makeup before you leave the house to complete your look.  Even if it’s just to the drug store, you never know who you’ll run into and besides, I think we are worth the time and effort so we feel good on the inside, this aging stuff really gets to us.  Fight it all the way!

We have hooded eyelids, wrinkles everywhere and we want to cover them, some ladies try covering it with a heavy coat of foundation and after an hour..big problems, it all melts.  We really have to embrace out wrinkles and work around them. All the retin-a and fillers and resurfacing is not going to give you skin of a 30 year old and still look like you.  Then you have to check out the neck and the top of your’s never ending.  (Oh, by the way, what I put on my face, I do put on the top of my hands) The idea is to make what we have look the best we can and the rest of it…”it is what it is”.
 If nothing else, by the time you go through my posts you’ll realize  you are getting really good at getting around the net.  lol To get you started, when did this makeup thing start?  Go back to the pharaonic times, those pictures of men and women both will show you the original smokey eye…..but that’s another it….

A bit more help? Watch this one.

makeup2 maxresdefault makeup makeup1


Also notice this model’s smile…there’s something about a great smile to make even yourself feel younger!



4 Responses to “Makeup for aging skin-a real woman

  • I’ve been resisting dealing with my brows and they need to be defined now. I remember my mother rarely left the house without at least doing her brows and lips.

    • I found a wondeful product in the drug store by L’Oreal, it’s like mascara for the brows and it covers all the grey hairs and gets them in place. It’s fast and easy..Love it.

  • Could I get a list of the products you used – loved the presentation

    • I personally have found most drug store makeups are just as good as more expensive. Using ones that are for older skin also makes a huge difference. Light weight powder or finishing powders work wonders. That way nothing is too thick or heavy on our face. I’m on vacay right now, will try to answer more late. Thanks for visiting…

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