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don't live in the past

Why do we live in the past?

The past is the past Why do we live in the past?  Why don’t we look forward to whatever years we have left? Is it because we know we’re going to die? Why don’t we try new things and learn new things? Can’t think of a better reason to enjoy our lives and keep planning […]

Easter cocktail

Easter is coming, I have lost my mind!

An adult Easter! It’s almost Easter. Today my husband has decided I’m officially INSANE. Do 69 yr olds get excited over things like this? I found these different pages of Easter cocktails and laughed so hard I decided I had to share. Who knew you could do this. This could give us dementia..bad joke! None […]

Intimate apparel, lingerie or granny pants?

Lingerie, intimate apparel, both the same thing. No, I’m not talking about granny pants! When was the last time you bought yourself some new lingerie?  Something other than white? Something pretty yet functional? It seems we forget about ourselves sometimes.  We don’t want to spend money on things no one else sees. But we know […]

plan on aging

As life goes by, do you have a plan?

  When I was young, there was no plan. In my early 20’s, I had the chance to work in a nursing home for a year as the evening and night nurse. The airline pilots were on strike, so I had time off and was newly engaged. Life was great. Being that young, working with elderly […]

super style

Aging with true style, yes, you can wear it!

Style, how you feel Do you wake up in the morning and wonder what to wear?  Do you think your style in clothes is too young for you? Well, let me tell you, you can wear whatever you want.  It takes an attitude to pull it off, but that’s easy enough. Do you feel like […]

Can you be “Cool” at 70?

IS IT POSSIBLE TO BE COOL IN YOUR 70S? Do you think that a person can be cool after 70? Well, I do! It’s all about attitude. Getting older doesn’t mean you can’t be cool.   When Did We Stop Being Cool? In our 50s, everything starts to change. Many of us start to think, […]

What bugs you the most about aging?

Eyesight:  A few of my bugs, today I just started my day and had to read a vitamin bottle.  Could they honestly make that print any smaller?  HELLO, these things are to help with aging,  we are older, we can’t see!  My arms aren’t long enough. Thank goodness I have magnifying mirrors all over the house.  […]

Kindness, learning from our kids

Acts of kindness   What I learned from my daughter in law about kindness has made my life so much fuller.  Over the years, I’ve forgotten how to just say something nice to a stranger.  Have you ever had someone compliment you while you’re out, lovely perfume, your scarf is beautiful or love your glasses?  It […]

Liebster Award nomination for new blogs

60 and healthy has received a nomination for the Liebster Award for new blogs from Gloria Kay of Thank you very much for thinking of me for this. What is a Liebster Award? The Liebster is an online “award” for bloggers by bloggers to help find new blogs and for your blog to be […]

What are your worries about getting older?

First questions we have worries about We always have worries in our life but we have new ones when we get older.  You start to lose your friends, your own children are adults and have children of their own. If you’re lucky, we still have our partner with us. If not, do we date or stay […]

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