Meandering Thoughts

Walking as far as you can, it’s great!

Today I started back to walking, only doing a mile each day for the next few plus back to my yoga exercises slowly. About 3 months ago while out walking, I started having pain in my groin area and each day it got worse.  Took extra turmeric and hoped that would do it..Not a chance. […]

The new aging of 60’s and 70’s…

New aging If you look around, you’ll see some amazing aging women out there, they may not be rich or famous but they are truly amazing.  I think it’s all in the attitude. You either fight it or give into it.  Only two choices. One is the easy way out, I think, the other takes […]

Flossing and brushing your aging teeth!

I’m a big believer in flossing. I’ve done it so long I don’t remember when I started but I go crazy if I don’t. I’m actually obsessed with my teeth and I think it comes from the fact my father owned a dental laboratory for as long as I can remember. As a small girl […]

To grey or not? Am I too young?

To grey or not?  That is my question to myself.  I’ve been downloading pictures and getting ideas.  I’ve checked out what other women are thinking and just can’t make up my mind.  I’ll be 69 very soon and thinking by the time I’m 70 I should not be a “bleach” blonde. I found these and […]


Okay, “they” say the best medicine is laughter….that may be true but when you get older it’s a tough one…lol  I was with a bunch of friends last week and we were having so much fun…a bit of wine involved…and we started laughing so hard.  I have very funny friends!  Anyway..oops, run to the bathroom, […]

Planking for a stronger body

Just sharing the planking info because done on a moderate scale can still be beneficial. As we age, we need to keep our core strong to support the rest of the body that’s falling down.  Personally, I get to a 90 second plank and can’t get much further and side planks have been impossible.  Looking through […]

Do not smoke, or stop! Botox will be next!

Do you see this?  Think it’s easy?  NO!  Stop smoking!  This hurts!  I’m a gluten for punishment, but I hate, hate those lines around my mouth and will always do what I can to get rid of them.   This is my day at the Medspa in Beachwood, Ohio getting botox.  Even with the numbing […]

Cool aging!

Is there cool aging?  Well, if you read this article there is! This woman is 93 years old and nothing will stop her. More of us should learn from her and never stop living and creating.  Do what makes you happy, share what makes you happy.  Learn new things and encourage your friends to learn […]

New Year, too old to change?

Are we really too old to change?  And if we aren’t, do we have to make New Year’s resolutions? I’m not too old to improve myself but I’m very comfortable with who I am.  I mean, after 68 years, I know my strengths and weaknesses. I don’t always say things the right way, but my […]

Older and single? What do you think?

Are you older and single?  I just watched Kristie Alley talk about it and I think she’s so right….What are your thoughts? I can’t imagine being single at this point in my life but I know it happens.  I really do believe in love at any age but if there is no man around, just […]

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