Meandering Thoughts

One of those days, no energy? Give in!

One of those days, no energy? You wake up full of energy and as the day goes on your energy zapped and you realize half of what you planned can’t get done as fast as it used to and you get bummed? And then you realize you can’t do what you did when you were […]

Gentle Yoga and Chair Yoga-who knew?

I’ve gone to many yoga classes and had such a hard time…great fun but I spend more time on the floor, no balance, and worrying about my knee. I like this because she takes her time and guides you. Give it a try, I might just master this yet. Gentle Yoga video This one is […]

Pilates in a chair?

I had a yoga class today  I love how I feel afterward but I spend a lot of time trying to balance. If I slip too many times then I laugh at myself so hard that I might as well pack it way will I be able to balance until I calm down. Meanwhile, […]

muscle cramps in your legs at night

Do you get leg cramps? Ouch!

Do you get leg cramps? These can really hurt and I’ve gotten them since I was a kid and they seem to show up at the most inopportune time. I decided it was time for a google search and see what I could find out about them. Last night I woke up with my legs […]

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