Move, just dance!

Just get up off the couch and move.  If this doesn’t get you moving, I give up.  This video shows so many movies of “our” time. The ones we loved when we were young, when did we stop playing?

If you’re like me, then we never really stopped, we just forget once in a while.  I really try to download and listen to many of the new songs out just to see what is popular now.  I’ve fallen in love with Adele and Taylor Swift, amazing young talent.  Sometimes if you don’t see what these rappers look like, you’ll love their music.  It’s just a different generation but keep your mind open.  Don’t get me wrong, I love hearing old songs once in a while but I’m still moving forward, not backwards. I have new songs to add to my memories about growing up…I’m still growing.

By the time you reach 60 or more, the kids are living their own life and we need to make ours.  It’s the time to sit back and really think about how we want to finish this adventure.  I don’t know about you but I plan to move, dance, goof off and be silly as much as I can until my last breath.  My kids have promised to respect my wishes if I have to use a walker or wheelchair. Wheelchair I’ve done…ya know, great fun in an airport while waiting for luggage, just make circles.  People just think you’re’s fun.  I say, paint it ( I’m thinking iridescent purple), bling it, whatever it takes so no one will look and say poor her, cuz I’m not a poor her, I’ve been having a blast.

I pray every day that my children and grandchildren want to visit me not out of duty but because they generally like to be around me.  Who wants to sit and listen about an old person’s aches and pains, they have their own problems.  Negativity affects all of us and it’s so easy to be pulled down these days, we’re facing things we never faced before.  Mortality, financial problems, not being a burden, and just day to day taking care of ourselves.  The best part of getting older is we don’t have to impress anyone, we don’t have to prove ourselves to anyone and best of all, we don’t have to explain ourselves to anyone..

So I say, let’s dance, just move, as much as you are able to, turn that music on loud and feel it.  Exercise is great for our bodies but ,oh man, music and dancing is good for the soul!