One of those days, no energy? Give in!

Need more energy?

Need it!

One of those days, no energy?

You wake up full of energy and as the day goes on your energy zapped and you realize half of what you planned can’t get done as fast as it used to and you get bummed? And then you realize you can’t do what you did when you were 50!

Well, I decided to pull up my big girl pants and just do what I can and be thankful for that. Life is too short to worry about not finishing something in one go. Baby steps even when your older. So my garden will not be perfect today, my laundry won’t be caught up and my hair will get colored another day, I’m going to watch something good on TV and just enjoy.

I actually started using this supplement and I think it’s amazing. I’m a believer in alternative medicine, stopped taking most of my prescribed meds¬†under a doctor’s watch and feel fabulous. Check it out…
Activive Fatigue Relief


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  • I too believe in natural medicines. Gave up the doctor stuff that gave me a non stop headache. Thank you for sharing that. Felt so guilty, but darn it, I don’t think they knew what they were talking about.

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