Retirement Challenge, can I do it?

husband retires


This is going to be a challenge.  Can I do it?  We’ll see.

The challenge begins in five weeks when my husband retires from his job as an airline pilot.  He is used to traveling, having jet lag and doing his own thing.  I’ve been retired for ten years and I’m used to doing my own thing and having lots of me time.  Can’t help but wonder what the heck we will do to keep busy and I’m sure there are others that think the same way.

Right now, we have sold our home in Cairo. We are waiting for our new apartment to be ready in a southern city that is very international and peaceful.  The atmosphere is very western and our new wonderful friends are all ages. The ability to get outside and be active is available and we can enjoy the serenity of the sea, on top and underneath.

New life and friends

Challenge retirement


We feel blessed to have been adopted by the young ones!  I’m talking 30 to 50 years old.  But that comes with a new set of problems. I’m 69 and hubby will be 65 next month. I admit, we are not the average seniors,  we’ve always had projects and now these projects are done. It’s fun to go to beach parties and out to dinner once in a while. The problem is keeping up with these “kids” on a daily basis.  I mean, we wake up whenever we want, we go to bed whenever we want. Some days we just relax and do nothing to catch our breath. Well, it’s to detox from food and drink. Lol Now, how do I convey to these “kids” that we adore them but we need our down time?  We could use your thoughts…


One good thing I’ve found is no matter how much I’m running during the day or dancing in the evening. I wake up the next day feeling great. My nonexisting cartilage knee has been doing great and I do believe yoga and healthy eating has helped keep me agile.

Watching news is a downer, I hate it but hubby and I are news junkies, wonder if that comes with age? We end up worrying about things we can do nothing about. Are you more interested in the news than when you were younger? Somehow I’m going to need to get the man out of the house and away from the news or we will get old fast. That’s where the “kids” come in.  Bless them!

While this new life is just starting, it won’t last forever and we’ll get into our new home and life will go on.  Right now, I’m finding myself living like I’m in a hotel and getting things from storage that I need to use while sitting in an apartment that’s not ours while waiting for the new one. At least I have my golf cart to get back and forth.

My baby


Golf carts, what a great idea, who came up with that for seniors? Being in a place that has superb weather all year long helps to make using our cart a pleasure. And the idea of keeping the air clean for residents is brilliant. As my sister in law said, it’s like being at an amusement park and it’s fun so going to the supermarket is easy.  You feel like you’re free as you drive along and say hi to friends. This week I found I can get to all the hotels in the bay via cart and it’s fantastic.  I met an online friend from Cypress that visits Egypt often.  That’s another story, what fun we had. Instead of calling a cab, I hopped into my cart and took a route my friends told me about. All by myself.  So easy and right along the sea.  Now I know husband and I can go to the restaurants without the worry of drinking and driving. Lol  They don’t go that fast and are rather safe after a few. In Europe, there are a lot of electric cars in use to keep city air cleaner, wonder why more countries don’t do it?

The next move

Back to thinking of the future…our next task is getting hubby a permanent residency in the US. That way we can come and go every few months. Yup, he wanted to marry me to get his US passport.  NOT…29 years later and still doesn’t have one. Bet that shocks a lot of friends. We will have to leave our new place by the sea and rent a furnished apt in the states until we get all this paperwork done, figuring six months. That should be a shock for us. Leaving our large home, then moving to an apartment, then moving into a furnished place..can we stay sane during this time?

The final frontier

As to where we will live, that’s up for grabs right now, all I know is I’m not ready to be in a senior community and eat with the early birds.  I’d rather go to happy hour. I want to feel free and young, continue scuba diving and playing on the beach. Just not ready to act my age and neither is my husband. Two overgrown kids? In our second childhood? My Dad was in his third childhood in his late 70’s, a goal we hope to reach.

My thoughts are meandering around while I try to get everything to sink in and living day by day is not a bad thing.  Each day brings a new set of problems and amazing surprises.  But what after the dust settles?  Will we get bored? What will we do all day? Can’t travel as much as before or spend money the way we did. Hmm, will be interesting and if anyone has ideas, please pass them on to us.

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  • One thing you’ll see in retirement is that you actually spend Less than you did while you were working. That will leave you with more $$ to go traveling. See, it all works out in the end. 🙂

    • Well, that is great news! Thanks for that and for passing by.

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