Summer and sexy seniors


Really? Helen Mirren makes young women look fat and frumpy.

Summer weather is upon us, now what do we do?  Bathing suits, cover ups, shorts and sundresses, all the beautiful light clothing we like to wear for summer.  We put it on and check it out,,,hmm over the winter, we have more wrinkles, age spots and maybe a bit of fat or maybe more than last year. Dilemma.

Tackle the problem

The first thing we have to do is start eating healthy, that can make a huge difference in our skin tone and help us get rid of the bloat. With the weather getting nicer, we have more choices of fruits and vegetables to pick from and can enjoy eating theml The fiber is super good for you.

Start drinking more water, yes, this will help your whole body feel better and all the joints from inactivity in the winter months will start to feel better.

Start moving more, yoga, walking, biking, whatever you choose just stretch and move and you will start to feel so much better in just a few days. Then make it a habit.

The bigger obstacle


The dreaded bathing suit, do we shop for a new one?  A one piece or a bikini or maybe a tankini. Do you know what a tankini is?  It’s one piece in 2 pieces. Yup, the bottom is more like a bikini, but the top is long enough to cover the midriff and still gives you the feeling of a 2 piece suit.  I, personally, love them.

There are many styles that will work for us superlifers, aka, seniors. Check to make sure your bottom is covered, unless you still have an amazing hard bottom. You also want to check on the girls, are they overflowing or do they fit nicely, if not go up a size.  We need to be comfortable in our swim suits or it will show in our demeanor.

Once we have that swimsuit, that at least fits, we need to add a few things. Come on, we don’t have the bodies of a twenty year old so we aren’t going to be prancing around the beach in our bikinis. The first thing we need is confidence, that’s the hardest one. We have two choices, stay hidden on vacation and don’t go to the beach or go to the beach and take an “I don’t care” attitude.  We’ve had children, we lived a long life and our bodies show it but that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves.  We have the right to enjoy the summer fun just as much as anyone else. Relax, no one is judging you but you!

There are really beautiful cover-ups you can find to wear with your suit.  I believe we should cover what bothers us the most about our bodies.  For me, it’s my legs…those veins and skin (didn’t listen when I was told yo yo dieting is bad for you so we are sagging) . I love taking a huge scarf and tying it around my waist, it covers the worst part of me and I feel fashionable enough to enjoy a beach party.  Also, a cute beach dress is another great option.


A scarf just pulled together at the top and tied. Large colorful scarves are so versatile.



A really cute coverup for the beach


I love a summer dress for a pool party over my suit.


Now, the second hint,  cellulite and fat and wrinkles look better with a tan.  And we all know how sitting in the sun is bad for us.  Don’t forget to use your sunscreen when in the sun and apply it every hour or so.  I have a hint for you to make you feel more confident when you go the first time in the sun or to that pool party.

My favorite product is the Tan Towel, easy, no streaks and gives an even bronze color, no orange. My second favorite is the Lancome Flash Bronzer. My third favorite is Jergens Natural Glow. I’m fair but I use the med to dark and it  gives a very natural color and easy to apply.  All three of these products give me a nice glow and they don’t look artificial.  I’ve done spray tans but I like having these to do in the privacy of my own bathroom.


summer tanning

Unless you’re a real swimmer, there is nothing wrong with having a pair of earrings on and a bit of water-proof eye makeup.  Even if you just line your eyes, those sunglasses sometimes have to come off.

You might want a cute floppy hat to put over that wet head to add to your glamour. Now, that’s a statement I love!

Summer feet

So many gorgeous sandals on the market these days.  So maybe your feet and toes don’t look as good as you would like.  So what, they have done their job for many years and deserve to look good too.  You should be taking care of them because they have been of service to you for many years. If not, time to get a pedicure, worth every cent and it’s not too expensive at the mall. Filed callouses, trimmed nails, polished a fabulous bright summer color can do amazing things to make those feet look good in your sandals. If you’re going on vacation, try a gel pedicure, it lasts longer.  If you do your nails, try the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish and gel topcoat.  I love the colors and think it gives a nice finish. While you’re at it, get those fingernails done too.

Here are some really cute sandals and the price is right….summersummer

All in all, it is an awakening, a confident feeling to know you are presenting yourself in the best way you can. No one will look at your wrinkles or fat when they see how well groomed you are and that smile, oh, wear that smile, big and bright. You are now enjoying your summertime and after all winter, you deserve it!

Do you feel awkward in a bathing suit? Why is that?  Is there something you can do to improve your attitude?  Join me over on Facebook at our 60 and Healthy group and we can discuss it.


6 Responses to “Summer and sexy seniors

  • Really would like to get rid of the little wrinkles all over my body. Maybe someone will invent a product that you just fill the tub up with, soak, and BAM….no more wrinkles….lol.

  • This is an awesome post, Jayne. I used to love wearing bathing suits until I started getting a bit thicker in the middle and thighs. However, with today’s styles and being able to rock that little skirt, I’m down with it. Love the styles you shared!


  • Hi Jayne,

    Glad I came across this article. My gosh how refreshing it is to have other women talk about what to wear especially on the beach.

    I moved to the beach and need to look good without that cellulite showing. I do use Jergens Glow and it works great. I just started putting it on because it does take some time for it to get to a good color.

    I did find a “flattering” bathing suite for my body type – that looks like a pear – but cover ups are must needed. Love the ones you have chosen here.

    I also have collected a few bright colored polishes for my feet. We can gain so much confidence when we put ourselves together as best we can.

    Thanks again!


  • I went to a one piece suit many years ago. I love the water and sand and sun, the sun way more than I should have. I wear sun screen though and enjoy it all.

    • When you love the water, nothing better than running in on a hot day. Living in Egypt, I love it. I went to a one piece also, but do have few tankinis.
      Sunscreen it the biggest thing to use…Thanks for passing by.

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