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Take Charge and Reduce Your Risk of Chronic Disease

Take charge of your joy. Get out and find awe-inducing experiences.  I love that word “awe” because I’ve used it my whole life.  First time I was on an airplane, it described how I felt when the tube took off.  Got in the air and stayed there!  The first time I saw the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Great wall.  Granted, due to my job, I’ve been able to enjoy some amazing “awe” moments. But some days it’s just my dog having puppies, a beautiful sunset or sunrise…no, I’m never up that early to watch a sunrise. Have you ever sat in a park and just watched the birds or lovers walking or a child doing something so simple but amazing?  A babies first step, an animal’s first step, all the “awe” inspiring things that go on around us all the time if we just pay attention.  Who knew this was all good for you?  This article I found shows us just how wonderful it is for our bodies.

“Whether it’s immersing yourself in nature, art, literature, poetry or jaw-dropping online videos, an experience that promotes a feeling of wonder or amazement may be associated with less inflammation in your body, according to new research from the University of California, Berkeley. Researchers asked 200 young adults to track their positive experiences in one day, then tested their tissue samples for the presence of a biomarker for inflammation. “We found that awe is associated with lower levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines,” says lead study author Jennifer Stellar, PhD, now at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. Scientists have yet to identify a mechanism linking awe and reduced inflammation, but they know that awe is associated with feeling more socially connected, and social connection has also been tied to a reduction in pro-inflammatory cytokines, says Stellar. Reducing inflammation is an important way to help prevent chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and possibly depression.”

Now that should get you outside, moving, experiencing what you can and keep going!  Get together with other people, join a club, do volunteer work, give back and share all the “awe” experiences you’ve had and new ones that happen every single day.  Sitting at home in front of the tv and just ‘being” old is not living, it is truly a slow death.  And if you tell yourself you hurt too much, or you’re embarrassed to go out..then my friend, you have the problem and not anyone else.  Change it, you deserve it. Put on your big girl panties or diapers and go live.

take charge and view things

Adorable baby girl walking in an autumn field at sunset

Prevent Aches and Pains

Take a 2,000-IU vitamin D supplement.

“By age 70, your skin makes 25 percent of the amount of vitamin D it made when you were 20 in response to being in the sun,” says Michael Holick, PhD, MD, professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University School of Medicine. Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to a number of age-related health problems, including cognitive decline and diabetes. “Healthy levels of D reduce aches and pains in the bones and muscles, too—another problem that becomes more common at this age,” says Holick.”

Let’s admit it, as we get older, we don’t like to cook as much. We’ve done it our whole lives, so it’s easier to put together something simple. We may not be getting enough nutrients from what we’re eating so supplements can help. There is very little talk about Vit. D but while surfing the internet I ran across this and then kept searching, and it seems Vit. D can help many things.  You might want to get your levels checked so mention it to your doctor.

Let’s take charge of our life. Living where I do, I can go to the lab and tell them what blood work I want and get the results online in the evening or next day.  I will admit, I think this is what should happen in the western world rather than having to run to a doctor for every little thing and paying an office visit.  It seems to me, if I have pain, the Doctor is going to ask for a bunch of lab tests anyway.  So now I’ve wasted another few days until we can find our what “might” be wrong with us.  Even I can read the results when it says mine are 59 something and the next column says normal is between 30 and 80 something.  Okay, then that’s not the problem.  And then, of course, I get online and google it to double check.  And I agree, this is not a good thing for people who are hypochondriacs. It’s actually fun to play detective with your own body.  Doctors are very busy these days and are forced to see so may people in one day, that if you go in with the basic knowledge and some good questions, you have a better chance of getting the correct diagnosis.  The are not Gods, they are humans with a lot of knowledge but mistakes can be made. Wouldn’t it be better if we took more charge of our bodies and helped them out a bit?  And then ask if there is something using diet and natural things rather than chemicals all the time.  See, I don’t like giving up my glass of wine because of medicine.

Cut Back on Trips to the Bathroom

Take charge of your body. Don’t drink more than eight ounces of fluid in one sitting. This may sound strange but it’s not, you need to keep regulating your kidneys and the best way to do that is by drinking liquids in small amounts all day long.  The hard part is when you want to clean your system out, you want to flush it out which is something I like to do after a night with a great bottle of wine or an occasion when I indulge with sugar of flour. Why I do the later is beyond me but it’s hard when someone brings you and ice cream cake for your birthday, and you sit there and don’t eat it.  AND you’re dying to.  The next morning every joint in my hurts and my legs are swollen and my fingers look like sausages so that’s when I flush with water. This is not a day I can go far from the house or I might get “caught”.  Can you imagine?  And living in a country that you just can’t stop at a service station only adds to the dilemma.  The fact is, the toilets in a “gas station” or small highway “shop” is always so dirty, beyond what you can imagine, that it’s easier to just pee in the sand.  Good idea unless you’re a woman and an older one at that.  Squatting is not something my knees enjoy so now you need a helper to get you up.  You see where I’m going with this?

So if this is a daily problem you have, this is some good advice from a doctor.  Which of course I’m not.
“Many women over 60 start having “urge incontinence”: Your bladder muscles contract before you want them to, says May Wakamatsu, MD, director of female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. In other words, when you have to go, you have to go. Drinking too much liquid can contribute to the problem because your body can’t use more than a few ounces of fluid at one time and your kidneys will quickly turn the extra into urine. “That means your bladder walls will stretch rapidly, and that can exacerbate urge incontinence,” says Wakamatsu. (Caffeine also causes your kidneys to produce urine more quickly, so cutting back on coffee and tea may help, too.) You should urinate only four to six times a day, she adds. If you’re going more often and your urine is lighter than the yellow of a Post-it note, you’re drinking too much fluid in general.”

Think you’re too old to do this, well check out Miss Norma, diagnosed with terminal cancer and see what she’s doing.

At 90-years-old, Norma eschews assisted living after her husband suddenly dies and she is diagnosed with cancer. Instead, she is traveling in a motor home.

You can follow her here Driving Miss Norma

Take charge of your life

These are my thoughts today, two days after turning 69 and looking forward to the big 70 next year.  Aren’t we just getting better? Shouldn’t we enjoy our life more, knowledge is not just for the young and it’s a powerful tool!



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  • Good info 🙂 actually doing all that now at age 37.

    • Good for you, never too early to prepare…lol Thanks for stopping by.

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