Entering the workforce after 70

Entering the workforce after 70 is not an easy task.

How many of you have typed up a resume after not working for a while.  How about being 71 and not doing it for like 40 years?  It’s a real trip, let me tell you!  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to realize that it’s not all that bad and we aren’t done with life and goals. I feel it’s time for older women to fight this ageism era!

Something to think about

After I watched this video, it really made me realize I’m not the only one in the world that thinks this way.


Writing a resume took much longer than I anticipated and I needed help from my besties.  Trying to find all the paperwork to back up my dates was another chore.  Once I got everything together, I sat at my computer for hours changing this and that but finally finished.

Small problems

What is really sad is they don’t have a start date past 1968, yup, I started work in 1967 for over 20 years. Seems I had to lie because there was no other way. lol

Then your objective?  Really? At my age?  How about need more money or need to stay active?  Okay, I’ll play the game, besides that, I’ll write something really witty and tell them how great I am.  That should work, right?

Then we have additional information and accomplishments. 

Let’s see, making it to 70 was an accomplishment.  How do you put your long life in additional information?  Loads of experience in most everything, team work, yup, family and children. Get along with others, yup, PTA was a blast. Caring for others, that grandchild is not growing up by himself. Organization skills? Yup, got those too, sorting out vitamins and trying to find things in the house definitely fall under that category.

End result

Seems I’m qualified for everything and nothing.  We’ll see how far I can get.  Do you all think I’m crazy?

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  • Go girl go!! It’s tough out there but you’re forging a trail for others.

    • Thanks, I’m trying the best I can…will keep you posted. lol

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