Tinted moisturizer, are they worth it?

A quick bit of info from me to you about a tinted moisturizer. I just tried a new foundation, for everyday and I’m amazed.  I heard about it through an LA make up artist and thought, okay,,,for research.  Lol.

It’s by Bobbi Brown and is a sp 25 tinted moisturizer.  I bought the light  color but it comes in several shades to work with all skin tones. Since I shop so much at Amazon, I’m sharing the link here for you to check out.

Bobbi Brown Extra Tinted Moisturizing Balm SPF25 – Light Tint 30ml/1oz

I’ve been using this for 2 weeks now and love it. Being in the northeast part of the US,  where it’s cold and windy,  my skin is not as moist as usual. Back in Egypt, I’m still using it and it just adds more moisture. You should at least give it a try, I think you’ll be surprised at how light and comfortable it is.

The Bobbi Brown moisturizer for dry or aging skin

Silky feeling

This Bobbi Brown moisturizer comes in many colors

Sp 25

 Now,  I’m a drug store junkie and this is a bit pricey but it’s really worth it. A great light foundation for every day use.

I’ll continue to share new things I find that I’ve tried and love. Otherwise it won’t be in this blog….

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