Too old for a tattoo?

tattoo on an aging arm

What I still want….

I’ve always wanted a tattoo, ever since Cher got one on her butt when we were young.  We’re the same Anyway, glad I didn’t then but in the past years, I have gotten some elsewhere. I’m a fair blonde, the hair on my eyebrows and lashes is so skin colored it doesn’t show.  Hair on my arms is invisible but it’s there.  Since I was 16 I had to draw my eyebrows on every day.  I had an amazing aunt that I spent time with that decided to put makeup on me one summer and she added the eyebrows. What a huge difference it made, you don’t realize how much expression is in your face once you can see brows.  About 6 years ago I visited a dear friend in the Emirates and she had just done her brows and eyeliner.  I was so excited and just said, “great let’s get an appointment and I want to do it ” When I went I asked about color because it had to be very light, not like a regular tattoo, I was very nervous but decided to just go for and trust her.  When it was done, it was really dark but the technician told me once it healed, it would get lighter. Sure enough, it did and what a pleasant surprise…I’ve loved it ever since, I just extend them a bit when I put more makeup on but I can come out of the swimming pool or ocean and I have eyebrows that haven’t floated off.

tattoo eyebrow

This is at the time of the tattoo.

eyeliner and brows

This shows both eyeliner and brows..Darn hooded eyelids


Shows how blended the grey tattoo looks..

The next picture is of my eyeliner which I just did this year. It was done with dark grey rather than black and again, I love it, I feel like my face looks so much better without makeup.  Where has this been all my life. I’ve gotten very gutsy since I got older, heck I even got a brazilian wax when I was 65, just to see what it was all about.  It’s so worth it so save your pennies and give it a try if your coloring is like mine (paleface) lol

And on my next trip to the US , I’m going for a small tat behind my ear, just not sure what. Finally, hmmm, would you get one? And if so, where?

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2 Responses to “Too old for a tattoo?

  • I’ve often wondered about tattoos for eyebrows and eyeliner, although I think I might be too nervous to get them done. They do look great and as we age and our eyebrows and eyelashes lighten we look washed out. Love your website we are in a similar niche. Have a great day.

    • It’s really not bad, more like a tickle than anything. They do numb the area before they start the tattoo. I love it…

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