New Year, too old to change?


Are we really too old to change?  And if we aren’t, do we have to make New Year’s resolutions? I’m not too old to improve myself but I’m very comfortable with who I am.  I mean, after 68 years, I know my strengths and weaknesses. I don’t always say things the right way, but my heart is good, if you know me you’ll know that.  I judge people by the way they treat me, not by what others say.  But my patience is not what it should be and I don’t always stay in touch with those I love, I let my life take over.  A fault but by now, I accept my faults and just try, can’t promise anything cuz I might forget.  lol

Now, on to what is everywhere on Twitter and the news.  New Years resolutions…I mean, aren’t we a bit too old for that game?  I don’t promise anything anymore….lol  I will continue to try, notice I said try, to eat healthy and take care of my body.  I won’t work out everyday but I’ll do my best to keep active, I feel better because of it.  So losing weight has no place in my new year, enough to worry

I’m so tired of seeing articles about how we are too fat, too old, too ugly, we just aren’t right…by whose standards?  Who has the right to tell us what is right for us?  I live in the Middle East right now and you know, you don’t see all the commercials like in the states, the grocery store doesn’t have all the magazines telling us we need to lose weight, do this or do that. Nothing tells you that you’re not good enough. It’s a nice break.  Oh, just to go off for a moment, what the heck happened to Gloria Steinem?  Women’s rights, respect, have you seen the commercials on tv?  I mean, selling eyeshadow with a young thing running on the beach???WTF…Okay, at some point in your life you need to accept and embrace the person you are and who you have become..faults and all. And the best part of being our age???? If someone doesn’t like you…too bad..don’t care…I am who I am….confidence is what it takes.

Another rant! I’ve been traveling a lot over the past few months,,,actually years, and I’m amazed at what I see in airports and on airplanes.  Maybe it’s my old flight attendant mind but look at women in Europe, the always look “nice”. All the athletic wear, bubble jackets etc. In my mind, there seems to be a time and place for these clothes and especially if you’re older.  What is wrong with a decent pair of pants and a knit top…something that doesn’t wrinkle easy. Cover with a jacket, shawl or in winter a heavy cloth coat.  My travels mean I’m on a nonstop flight for 12 hours, usually sleep for 7 or so and with my knits, I always look put together at the other end of the flight. I believe basics are a key and just adding a necklace, scarf or statement earrings sets you apart from everyone else.  And this takes no longer to put on than a pair of sweats or training suit.  These don’t have to be expensive items…I buy pants that work year round, add boots in the winter and sandals in the summer. Bad feet?  Check out the cute sandals by FitFlop….. Leggings ladies, I have become obsessed with them.  They work for any age and all body types. Just remember, you’re not 30 and you want to look classy not “oh my God”, so make sure your tops you wear with your leggings cover up your butt. Also, choose heavier fabrics, not the flimsy ones that show every knee wrinkle and cellulite. I’ve even used a simple dress to wear with my leggings as I’m a tall gal and have a hard time getting tops long enough.

An example, yes, she’s a young super model but look deeper, the person behind her looks scruffy, she looks put together…we can do this at any age. Knits are our friend! This is a look anyone, any size,  can wear.


A great way to be relaxed and still look chic....any age can do it.

A great way to be relaxed and still look chic….any age can do it.







I’m a basic black kindda girl, winter or summer when I travel, maybe it’s time to try grey???? Oh, I’m a jeans gal too, I’ve worn them since before they became popular, like back in the 60’s, love my sweats at home so don’t get me wrong.  It doesn’t take any longer to put on basic clothes that look nice vs grubby clothes…think of it as a uniform.


Done with my meandering mind today…Thanks for reading and any comments are always welcome.  You might just disagree with me…lol

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2 Responses to “New Year, too old to change?

  • Yes, I’m always amazed at how people dress to travel or just to go out. It’s like they dressed in the dark and didn’t make a final check. I may be 68 but I still know how to dress. Loved the article!!!

  • I live in a college town and what the girls wear here is absolutely frightening. No wonder they need a safe space. How about your bathroom with the door locked? Seriously, they ought to be in a safe space to protect the rest of us from their atrocious bad taste.

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