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My travel rant: I just traveled to New York and back from Cairo, Egypt.  Yup, that’s right, Cairo…only 12 hours. You get dressed, pack your things and hit the airport only to have to wait around for 2 hours. During that 2 hours you get to get undressed again just to go through security, I swear, next flight I will wear a onsie and get dressed later in the restroom.  I mean, why even bother with jewelry, it has to come off, belts, shoes and coats all have to come off.  Now, if you’re like me, I generally have something wrong underneath my blazer like the pants don’t fit right so the belt holds them in place or the shirt looks cute in the front but in the back it’s short and doesn’t cover my butt.  Do you know how embarrassing that can be?  No problem, at least I get to shop in Duty Free and after getting dressed again, I feel pretty darn good.  Then we get on the plane.

I try to travel with everything I need for the flight in my carry on and tote bag. I really try to think ahead, from experience, I know we must drink lots of water and avoid alcohol, eat lightly and get up and walk around during the flight. I have my own pashmina I use near my face, hate those airplane blankets with who knows what germs are on them, and my neck pillow.  Usually I sleep most of the flight but something terrible happens during this time. Even with spraying my face, tapping moisturizing cream around the eyes (Elizabeth Arden – Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum – 60caps love this stuff) and doing everything I’m supposed to, by the end of the flight I look like I aged 10 years. Hair’s not so bad, makeup is in place but that skin!!!!!  And those damn lights in the restrooms, sure don’t help much, it’s darn scary.  So by the time I leave the aircraft, I no longer feel put together and just walk off the plane, head down and ready to struggle in baggage claim.  Guess we just have to accept the fact that shit happens…

(Airplanes are pretty disgusting.) I usually bring Avène Eau Thermale as a backup. I buy the small ones so I have no trouble with liquids on the plane.

Avene Thermal Spring Water 3 To Go Kit – 1.76 oz each



8 Tips to Care for Skin While Flying

To keep your skin from suffering like that t-shirt, try these tips:

  1. Prepare. The night before your flight, gently exfoliate your skin and then apply a moisturizing mask. The exfoliation helps clear out all those dead skin cells so your skin can accept the moisture, and then deeply hydrates the skin as you allow the mask to penetrate. Check out this blog post for a nice homemade moisturizing mask recipe. And remember—your body skin can suffer dryness as well, so this would be a good time to do some dry skin brushing, followed by a nourishing body cream.
  2. Watch your diet. Foods that are high in fat, sugar, and salt are dehydrating to the entire body, and can cause inflammation in the skin. Choose to eat a healthy meal, and take fresh fruit for snacks on the go. Avoid alcohol and caffeine while traveling as these can dry out your system. Take a water bottle and sip frequently. Don’t let your body get dehydrated as this can dry out your skin, too.
  3. Pack right. Take hand cream, face cream, hydrating mist, and lip balm with you. Just be sure all are under 3.4 ounces so you can get through security. Then apply frequently while traveling—more frequently than you normally would.
  4. Use less makeup. The dryer your skin gets, the higher the risk of your makeup looking patchy and dry. Avoid the heavy foundations and powders. Use a nourishing moisturizer and perhaps a BB or CC cream (these are more moisturizing than other foundations), then feel free to use a cream or other non-drying eye shadow, and a moisturizing lip gloss or tinted balm. This leaves your face skin free for extra moisturizing on the go. Think twice about mascara as it can run if your eyes get dry and start tearing, or smudge your skin if you fall asleep. To wake up lashes, try a clean lash product that moisturizes lashes but leaves behind no color. If you have a meeting upon landing, take a small makeup bag with you and put your face on in the restroom as you get close to your destination.
  5. Make sure you have the right hydrating mist. Regular water spritzed on your face may feel good during a long flight, but it’s actually makes your skin more dry as soon as it evaporates, unless you put moisturizer on almost immediately afterward. Try a nourishing spray instead, with moisturizing ingredients in it. It’s more likely to leave your skin feeling comfortable, not parched. If you follow with moisturizer on damp skin, you’ll stay hydrated for longer. Just remember to put it in a small misting bottle so it’s not taken away from you at security.
  6. Protect. Make sure you’re still using sunscreen to protect from damaging UV rays. (Choose safer options like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.) Plane windows do not filter out this light, so you’re still vulnerable, and even closer to the sun when flying at 30,000+ feet. In addition, your skin is more exposed to radiation at these heights, so consider using a moisturizer that contains natural antioxidants like vitamin E, vitamin C, plant ingredients, and natural oils like jojoba and olive.
  7. Turn off the air blower. Unless you’re really warm or are concerned about breathing in germs from those near you, turn off the air blower over your head. It’s very drying for your skin and eyes.
  8. Put only clean hands and fingers on your face. Your hands are full of oils, bacteria, and germs. If you touch your face without washing them immediately beforehand, you’ll transfer these bugs to your skin, increasing risk of acne and infections. When you want to apply moisturizer, wash your hands first, either in the airplane restroom or with a moisturizing antibacterial wipe.

Do you suffer dry skin when traveling? Please share any tips you may have in the comment section.


The best way to prepare for an upcoming trip, large or small, is to consider what your body needs before you take off:

  1. Minimize stress – This is easier said than done in today’s busy world. Consider making a list to get the details out of your head and onto paper. That alone will help minimize stress. Play soft music and take deep, focused breaths whenever you can the week before your trip. Consider taking a day off before and after your trip to give yourself space to plan for and recover from travel.
  2. Prepare simple meals – The week before the trip, take some time on the weekend to prepare simple, healthy, meals for the week. Store them in the refrigerator or freezer so you can take them out and have quick, healthy food during the week. This will keep you healthy and full of vitamins and minerals to feed your body’s energy producers—the thyroid and adrenals. Veggies are a great fast food that is nutrient-dense and can easily be carried with you for a meal before or after your flight. I love taking nuts and veggies on the plane, I can snack whenever I want. It’s hard to eat healthy when a tray of food is put down in front of you. Another idea is to pre-order a veggie meal for the flight, most airlines offer special meals and they are good…
  3. Plan your airport and plane nourishment – Bring a simple meal for the airport, but don’t eat food on the plane. When the plane takes off, your whole body goes out of balance, including your digestive organs. This is why we feel so tired after flying. Bring liquids packed with minerals for the flight and plan your meals for before or afterwards, of course now you have to buy this after you go through security but it’s worth it. I always get anything healthy I can find at the airport and then ask for water on the flight.

You deserve to be at your best whether you are traveling for business or pleasure. Would love to hear from other flight attendants on this subject.. Anything to add? 



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9 Responses to “Travel rant! Skin tips

  • This is a great article for those that travel a lot. I have only flew a few times bit my mother in law flew 19 hours to Lebanon. I’m sure she could have used these tips.

    • These tips really work, I use them all the time. Hope she gets to try them and it helps…

  • These are all good tips. I usually try to cut back on sodium and alcohol before and during flights, which seems to help. And always lots of water!

    • Oh yes, water is very important, I used to have cocktails with my meals but as I got older, I realized this did not help my body. Water is the best. Thanks for your comments

  • I never thought to bring a face spray on the plane. The better airlines will provide warm towels but I usually fly cheap. But oh those towels.mmmm

    • It really helps and for me it wakes me up after I snooze. I used the towels always on long flights when I was a flight attendant.

  • These are great tips. When I travel, I make a conscious effort to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water on the plane. Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s the best you can do, stay away from alcohol and drink water. Thanks for commenting.

  • Thanks for the tips!! The text links in your article are white so they don’t come up 🙂

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