A waist trainer for older women?

waist trainer

My waist trainer

Okay, so I’m on the older side of life but why should the young people have all the fun?  I just got my waist trainer from abroad and spent most of today with it on.  I must say, it does make me want to stand up straighter and it does not let me overeat.  This could just be a really good thing!  I shall work with it for the next few weeks and see how well it works over the holidays while visiting my children….this should be interesting.  Funny, when I was younger I was so glad to get out of girdles and just be natural, what the heck am I doing now?

I did do some googling and read so many pros and cons for wearing a waist trainer that I decided to try it myself.  As long as it’s not too tight you should not have any of the cons. It’s not easy to get on yourself but it’s doable and I decided to put a t shirt under it because I read so many comments that it gets uncomfortable on the skin.  Besides, I’d rather sweat on a t shirt than on this waist trainer that I hope to wear for 6 weeks.

I’ll update each week or whenever I feel like commenting or complaining….lol

For more information check out this site about a waist trainer.


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  • And what kind of things am I training my waist to do…lol. Will check it out!

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