Who said internet friends aren’t real?

Internet keyboard

Internet friends are real!

Internet friends are amazing, this blog has been slow the past few weeks because no matter what I would do, my links were not working. I’ve tried asking people I know and checked out Word Press forums but nothing.  Being older, I remember DOS in computers but have no idea about CSS or what a lot of the terminology means.  I don’t think I’m stupid and always willing to learn but man, this one was making me crazy. As of today, I can say, people are wonderful, I learned so much the past few weeks about blogging and my faith in human kindness has been revived. Yes, politics makes me crazy.


Facebook groups

There are so many different groups on Facebook that you can join. You just have to search a topic and amazing what can turn up. I’m on at least three that have to do with blogging plus health, recipes, groups of women chatting, etc.   In the past, I’ve made some amazing friends on the internet that I have actually in person through groups.  The groups put us in a unique position to have at least one thing in common, whatever the group is about. You get to share a hobby or recipe or health problem or anything you can imagine.  You get to see their sense of humour, what is important to them, their family and quite a bit of their personality.  I admit, I’ve been asking on these blogging groups and no one seems to want to even deal with it, until about a week ago.

Facebook-homepageFacebook is here

A lifesaver

I posted my problem on one of my groups and a very nice gal said she might be able to help.  This lady has a “real” job and runs her own blog, so I’m sure she’s very busy.  She started working with me via email and it was back and forth for days.  Just working with her I’ve learned a few things and then we thought we had it fixed.  Yea us! WRONG. It somehow reverted and I was back to square one.  I waited another few days, got busy and then it was a friendly reminder on one of my groups that today was a day that if we had problems or needed help, then post it.  So I did and the same gal and another one came to my rescue.  They worked on it again and with two heads being better than one, it was fixed.  You have to remember, these ladies did not have to help me.  It was the kindness of their hearts that shined through. They are young and smart ladies and I hope I can catch up with technology to help someone else.  You, know, play it forward.

Internet friends

What we learn from this

If you’ve made friends via the internet, don’t let anyone tell you they are not true friends.  Yes, because it is the internet, you do have to be careful, but common sense should take care of that.  As Seniors, sometimes, we just don’t want to have to wait for our family to “take care” of a problem.  They don’t have time anyway, busy doing their own work, so it’s our duty to learn as we go along.  What fun it is.  And what a great feeling of accomplishment when you learn something new and feel like your moving forward in life.

So check out those groups, get on Facebook, be careful but have fun. Share with family and friends, remember to read and learn about privacy settings. This is not difficult and you too may find some beautiful people to chat with and help in a situation.

PS. Recipes are amazing

PSS. People share really funny things.

Have fun! Learn! The world is at your fingertips!


6 Responses to “Who said internet friends aren’t real?

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • You are so right! I have a set of friends that I met 15 years ago on a chat site that I still know and love! We’ve met over the years and been there for each other in bad times and in happy times. These two ladies sound amazing!

  • I agree, social media is what we make of it. When we put in the time to cultivate real relationships that is what we will get. Thanks for your post Jayne!

  • Hi Jayne, just wanted to say how much I love this post. So many people believe that internet friends aren’t real…or can’t be. Being in Facebook groups showed me how untrue this is.

    Thank you for shedding light on this topic. Also, I agree, life is definitely about the adventure!

    Excited to see more posts from you in the future 🙂

  • I love my internet friends. You always have someone to talk to or help with a problem at any hour of the day! I love that. I have a group I started and it has over 3000 people in it. Since I don’t live in the city I grew up in anymore I started a group for people who also lived there in the 50′ and 60’s. I have made so many wonderful friends and yes, I consider them my friends…

    • And I have met some of the most wonderful people, meeting them in person and realizing they are exactly like you expected is so heartwarming. What a joy the internet can be…

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