Why do we live in the past?

not in the past, go forward

The past is the past

Why do we live in the past?  Why don’t we look forward to whatever years we have left? Is it because we know we’re going to die? Why don’t we try new things and learn new things?

Can’t think of a better reason to enjoy our lives and keep planning for the future. We should never stop dreaming, never stop dancing, never stop laughing and never stop learning.

Experience something new

I know someone that spends her entire time listening to old music, has no idea who Lady Gaga is! Can you imagine?  Imagine, I loved the Beatles but really so tired of the “old” songs. I heard all of the music from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s so many times, I really don’t want to hear it today.  I will say, I just don’t get Rap music…I do like the beat but most of the words are putting down someone.  But, Adele is our old Manilow or Richie, so is Taylor Swift.  Such great, music out there, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Beyonce such great talent.  Why don’t we listen to it and just enjoy, grow with the times.

If there is a new food combination, why don’t we at least try it? It has to be popular for a reason, not everyone has the same taste.  Not all Mexican and Indian food is spicy, I know, something many older people can’t eat much of, but it’s still good. Change recipes up a bit, develop your pallet. If you are lucky to be able to travel, it will open up your world when it comes to food.

not past, learn new not past, go forward

Learn new things

The same thing goes for cell phones and computers.  I remember about 26 years ago, when I was still a flight attendant, they started computerizing bidding.  That is how we got our schedule for the month, we would bid on it and all schedules were given by seniority.  Anyway, they gave each of us a chance to learn how to do it so you didn’t screw up and fly something horrible when you knew you could do better.  Many of the ladies (my age) decided, no, it was too complicated and the young kids started charging to do you bidding for you, smart young people.  My thinking at the time was why not learn something new, just because you’re a bit older?  Those same people can barely use a computer now.  So sad that at the age of 66 or 70, they don’t have a clue.  They are missing so much.  Modern technology will continue and we really need to keep up with it the best we can.  My aunt who’s 90+ uses email and is on Facebook, God Bless her. You can keep in touch with your children and grandchildren that don’t live near you and see them on your screen to have a chat.  No reason not to enjoy it. Old friends are now up to date with you through Facebook and email.  How lucky are we that technology has made out world so much smaller? I’ve even met some amazing women online and met them and love them to pieces.  Who would have thought years ago?

not past but forward

Change thinking

Fashion changes, why do we stick to our old look when there are wonderful things we can add to our clothes to bring it up to date, even if it’s just a hairstyle or nail polish color? A new pair of boots could help, getting rid of mommy pants is another thing you can do.  There is a reason they are called that.  But we’re older now, we have more time to get dressed without interruptions so why not enjoy and have some fun?

We all have made mistakes, do you dwell on them?  Well, I say, STOP IT! Ask for forgiveness and forgive yourself and move on.  It’s not easy but just do it. You can’t change things, you just have to keep moving forward.

Why do we want to start a sentence with, “when I was a kid”? Do you really think they care?  Did you care when elders said it to you?  Don’t think so, we all have to find our way, our path to the future.  Instead, I think we should ask them about what life is today for them?

The good old days really weren’t all that great.  Yes, good music, what we thought was a simpler time but do you remember your parents telling you about how much easier it was in their time?  Each generation has it’s own “thing”.  Our children will say the same things to their kids, we all adapt, so why don’t we start to learn to adapt to this new, wonderful world that we are lucky enough to still be in?

I feel it’s a new time for seniors, we are smarter, we take better care of ourselves and we are more independent. Don’t give into age if you can fight it.  That’s my motto. How about you?  Do you still live in the past or are you exploring new ways of thinking and doing things?

6 Responses to “Why do we live in the past?

  • Thank you so much for this post. My mother is over sixty and she makes several decisions that are solely due to her fear of not “acting her age”. She has a young spirit and I wish she could do more, and I realized after reading your post that she thinks that she’s just too old… that she shouldn’t learn new things. I’m showing her this article. Thank you for sharing!

  • Thanks for the reminder to stay open and keep things fresh. I am afraid that my wardrobe is stuck in the past along with a few other things. It’s time to open my eyes to what else is and what I can do about it.

    • Sometimes it just takes something different to make a big difference in how you feel.
      Glad you enjoyed my post.

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