Do not smoke, or stop! Botox will be next!

Do you see this?  Think it’s easy?  NO!  Stop smoking!  This hurts!  I’m a gluten for punishment, but I hate, hate those lines around my mouth and will always do what I can to get rid of them.


lip botox

This is my day at the Medspa in Beachwood, Ohio getting botox.  Even with the numbing cream, it still hurts.  Okay, for me..a bit of hurt is well worth it.  I may seem egotistical but, I’m the one that has to look in the mirror everyday. With my personality, I’m just not my chronological age. As I’ve said it before, I will fight it all the way rather than totally give in. I don’t want to look like a celebrity, and I’m not that vain..but, those smoker lines make me crazy.  Stupidest thing I ever did but I’m from the era that smoking was cool.  Then I stopped, had a family and then started up again. My life changed at 36, I was divorced (we are both happily remarried and friends) and ended up smoking again and cut my hair.  2 out of 3 was great but my smoking increased with the second husband.  Middle east, need I say more?  It took me years later to quit finally, not easy, and what I’m left with is these stupid smokers lines.  Being a fair blonde, it just sucks. I use a lipstick blocker to line my lips just to keep the lipstick from running. Excellent product for sure!

I would suggest if you want to try this, wait for a Groupon in your area…get botox at a discounted price and give it a try, you might not like it.

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I admit, it’s hard to spit after brushing my teeth, but I feel so much better. ( it does get better after a few weeks) I do have to add, my husband is 4.5 years younger than me and middle eastern.  He has that wonderful olive skin, and I have that aging (not gracefully) thin white, white skin.  I always want to make him proud, I know inside, he’s proud of me, and he loves me no matter what I look like.  I do know this, but there are times I look in that mirror and just don’t accept it.  Okay, I have a lot of work to do on my inner self, but that’s coming along. Who would think you can have problems in your head when you’re 69 ish…lol

That’s another post but I’m just saying we all know how bad smoking is for you but I’m addressing the visible part of it. Besides, I hate having to go outside at my son’s homes and smoke.  In the winter! When it’s cold! All alone! lol

So much to talk about, stick with me, follow me, I will continue to rant about what’s in my head and would love having feedback.  But don’t tell me how shallow I am…I get it, but whether you like it or not, keeping yourself together is not a bad thing.  Not caring and saying to accept yourself as is,  is just an excuse…sorry ladies. Peace and love!




After lines are finer around the mouth, the sides softened

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