What are your worries about getting older?

First questions we have worries about

We always have worries in our life but we have new ones when we get older.  You start to lose your friends, your own children are adults and have children of their own. If you’re lucky, we still have our partner with us. If not, do we date or stay alone?


In our sixties, we have retirement worries, will we have enough money to last us for 20 years or more?  Where will we live? Are we going to stay healthy?

In our seventies we have the same worries but add a few more.  More doctor bills to pay, all the planning in the world doesn’t prepare you for this age.

My thoughts

I think it’s a day to day struggle that we can win of we go with the flow.  As I told my husband, I’m not going to worry about next year, I’m going to enjoy this one.  Even now, being 69, when I have a bad day, I watch a funny movie or show and feel more uplifted.  By nightfall, my worries get more attention…well, some bedtime yoga and an attitude adjustment usually does the trick. The brain needs to turn off, it needs a good nights sleep and will work much better in the morning. Besides, for all the time you spend thinking about things rather than sleeping, it still doesn’t solve the problems. They don’t change during the night..so face them straight on over that morning coffee.

My husband and I are facing retirement this year, can’t figure out why he gets so frustrated when I look at it as an adventure, another phase of our life together.  Apart from the money aspect, there are so many things for us to do that we didn’t have the freedom to do before. Maybe he’s worried he won’t be able to keep up with me..lol

My new project is to get our papers in order, we are planning to live part of the year in the states and part of the year in Egypt so I’m going to get more organized…yeah, maybe not..maybe just put all the stuff on a USB stick and keep it in my purse. Hey, that’s a brilliant idea.  Even a letter to my sons about what to do if. Well, that’s one thing less for me to worry about.

I plan to continue to eat healthy, exercise, stay busy with my blog and book and I’m sure I can find things to keep me busy.  Happy hour is going to be our go to place. inexpensive and social.  We want to save our money for any trips we might decide to take.  I’m thinking we should do all of our road trips while we’re still young? and save the flying trips for later.  Nothing like getting on the road and exploring the country.  With all the new apps for our phones, it’s so easy to find places to eat or even just find a Starbucks for my “driver”.  Having a GPS on our phones and someone telling the hubster where to go and how to turn around, has saved our marriage on more than one occasion. Yup, he doesn’t listen to the lady in the program any better than me.

Health worries are starting, we have arthritis and some days it hurts but we just keep moving and try to ignore it. Thank goodness we are healthy enough to do what we want, so just hope it lasts.  I think the idea is to live your life as full as you can so you don’t have regrets. We can’t do everything we want in life but we can pick certain things and make it happen.

I’d love to know what everyone else is thinking.  What worries you have, big or small.  Maybe we can work on them together. I mean, two heads are better than one.


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