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Essential oils are amazing.

There is so much to learn about essential oils and I’m just getting started. I’ve been looking around for good quality oils and after reading a lot, I decided on this company. Essential oils are being used more and more in Europe.  People are finding they help with many problems we have as an aging society. Stress, aches and pains, sleep, energy, immunity and more can be helped by using these oils.  How amazing is that?

soil to seed essential oils


french farm essential oils

One of the farms..this one in France






My story so far

I have been using oils by diffusing them and have fallen in love with them. I’m now learning so much more. Put them in a carrier oil and you can use them on your body.  Wow, what a difference going to bed with lavender on my neck and feet. After some nighttime yoga, I’m sleeping like a baby.

My husband is an airline pilot and he works the long haul flights, like 11-12 hours. By the time he gets home and tries to sleep his nose is always stuffy. He has a hard time sleeping. Granted, he is jet lagged. He has missed at least 1 night of sleep over a 3 day period. I decided to try using my diffuser and Eucalyptus oil at night ( mind you, he laughed his head off at me).  It made a huge difference. Now, he asks me every night if I have it “ready”.  lol  For someone skeptical of everything, this has been working for him for months now. He has no idea what is coming next, as I learn, he’s my guinea pig.


These oils can be used on our pets also. I believe in anything that makes us or our 4 legged friends feel better is worth using.

Joining the group, which is a great idea once you start using oils, can be done by clicking on the link below to see products. It also gives you great discounts on the oils you use.

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Want to see the products and get more information? Very informative about the company Young Living and all about the different oils.  Just click below:

To order in the US 

To order in the UK 

To order in Canada

Check them out, They will change your life! What a help to those trying to be healthy!

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